Just saw Hulk...

Pretty damned cool.
I thought the story line was a bit far fetched and thin (even for a comic book adaptation) but watching the big guy break shit was well worth it.

Ang Lee is a brilliant genius with movement. Using the comic bookesqe frames did a couple of cool things

  1. paid homage to stan lee and the roots of the story as a comic
  2. created a sense of visual stability onto which the rage of the hulk could be juxtaposed, further heightening the energy of the aforementioned “breaking shit”

Yeah but was the Hulk Sexy?



The new hulk is scary looking. I don’t know if I want to see it or not.

Just came back.

What the hell was that? I thought just about everything having to do with Bruce Banner’s father was not only bizarre but boring as well,

[spoiler]He’s the Absorbing Man? WTF? Nothing about his pre-electro power scene with Bruce made any sense at all.

Hulk dogs? I’ll even go so far as to say I’m okay with the general, abstract concept of Hulk dogs, and the fight scene was pretty cool, but still, huh? I’m still not even clear on his reasons for wanting Betty dead in the first place. And if he wanted her dead, aren’t there easier ways than Hulk dogs? Gah.

and that the movie was about half an hour longer than it needed to be,

Why couldn’t it just end after the fight in San Francisco?

I thought the use of comic book-esque shots was good (although it may have been used a bit too often) and the action sequences were pretty good, but I think that almost everything having to do with Banner’s father (and the constant, boring flashbacks to that day of his childhood) could have been cut out for a much cleaner and more entertaining film. I thought the mucking up of the Hulk’s origin was really unecessary.

Keeping in mind that I haven’t seen Blade 1 or 2, I thought this was Marvel’s weakest recent movie. I enjoyed both X-Mens, Spider-Man, and Daredevil more.

shy-guy, you hit the nail on the head for me. I thought David Banner was unnecessary, and could have been disposed of with a brief scene. I disliked the scene near the very end where David and Bruce Banner fought each other, the movie should have ended after San Francisco. I’d read a review in the Washington Post newspaper that said The Hulk was a thoughtful, well-done movie that adults would enjoy, but it wasn’t the typical summer blockbuster movie. I thought that there were enough special effects scenes, it was just too long.

I just got back from seeing it myself. Here’s what I thought – no real spoilers (readers of my LJ may feel a slight sense of deja vu):

Damn it, I quite enjoyed it. Oh it has its flaws. The first 40 minutes is all exposition, and it is slooooooow and difficult to follow everything. And there is some big battle at the end that made almost no sense to me. And there is a scene where Betty sees the Hulk for the first time, knowing nothing previously of its existence … this huge mutant green growling animal and she says, “Bruce? Is that you?” Now how the fuck would she recognize this thing as Bruce? She wouldn’t, that’s how.

Other than that … the not quite perfect CGI actually works as the story, editing and performances go over the top to present things very comic booky (they present many scenes in several frames at once, as though it were a comic book page). And really, the CGI isn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be. Actually, the animated helicopters were worse than the animated Hulk. Where the CGI failed the most was really in how it was “shot”. When they present dimly lit scenes, it kind of gives you that “did I see what I think I saw” thing, but on the other hand … you really can’t see anything.

In the brightly lit scenes, it’s really really comic booky looking … but that worked for me.

Also, Jennifer Connolly has the sexiest two front teeth in the history of things that are white. I love her.

I give it a C+ / borderline B-.

To me, it begged comparisons to the '86 version of “The Fly” with all the DNA mumbo jumbo and the girl alternately attracted to/disgusted by her lover. Without going into spoilers, even some of the scenes and dialog were nearly identical. On the plus side for “The Fly”, I think nobody directs creepy stuff better than David Cronenberg. On the plus side for “The Hulk”, Jennifer Connelly is easier on the eyes than Gina Davis. Then again, she and Jeff Goldblum somehow looked right together.

This is untrue, and your “shorthand” of the situation is your mistake. She just didn’t see him. She saw a Tree, at night, with a tiny flashlight. Confused, she flashed her puny flashlight on this huge tree that certainly did not look like it belonged. The dim light, 10 feet or so up in the air, caught a corner of the face and she gasped. Apparently she recognized it as a human or monster face of some sort, and it didn’t fit.

She backed away, apparently in shock, and the Hulk stepped into closer view. You can tell from his face that it is Bruce. Simple as that. The Veiwer can see Bruce in the Hulk’s face, now tell me a lover is going to miss that. Not to mention she had been picking up not so subtle clues and such.

Now if you are going to roll your eyes at something, roll it at all the foreshadowing that was going on. Her dreams, His dreams, people telling him he “has something special IN him”, etc ad nauseum.

I agree though, this movie was too long, too boring, and the storyline didn’t really need to be changed.

On the other hand, I loved what they did with the Hulk. Many people walking out of the theater were muttering to each other about him being too big, jumping too far, and having wya too much strength for the Hulk. Apparently their only exposure to the Hulk was the laughable TV series and the movies. Where as the Hulk in the comic could jump several miles, pick up tanks, and do EVERYTHING he did in the new movie.

My only thing that I can remember thinking was that when the Hulk jumped or landed, he would leave a crater where he jumped and where he landed. Common, that much force pushing off that small of an area?

Nope. You haven’t sold me.

If I came upon a 15 foot green drooling monster who used to be my girlfriend in my back yard , I’m guessing I’d take a look and think, “AAAAHHHHHHH!!! A FUCKING MONSTER!!!” not, “Lurlene? Is that you honey-dumplin’?”

I have actually wanted to see The Hulk, but when the trailers came out, the CGI looked so bad to me; the Hulk looked really cartoonish. I must confess that’s the only reason I haven’t made the effort to go.

So I ask you that went to see it, how was the CGI? Maybe they tweaked it for the actual movie…?

Well, that is you. As much as you might like to think, not everybody reacts the same way. Some people don’t react in fear and blind panic, they use their brains and think.

Myself, I would never see a giant 10+ foot monster and just scream in blind panic. I would sit in shock, trying to rationalize such a thing. While my mind is rationalizing, it would also be looking for patterns in anything, and thus would no doubt see a resemblance to my lover- you know, the face I stare at all the time, think about, and know better than my own face.

This “character is so blatently stupid he/she cannot see the obvious” is a juvinile writing trick. Some people are smart enough to see patterns emerge in the events in their life, especially award winning scientists as intelligent as Betty.

Obviously in a PG-13 film, he’s not going to burst out of his pants when he metamorphs into the Hulk, but …

what about after the dog attack scene, when he ends up nekkid? Was that put in just for a little sexual titilation? It reminded my of The Simpsons when Bart makes Homer fall into a vat of green pant and the enraged Homer does a Hulk-like transformation, bursting out of his shirt. Barts reaction: “WHEW! At least his pants stayed on!”

With my expanding waistline, I gotta get me some of them pants.

I saw the Hulk last night and it was way too long. From what I remember of the Hulk comics was that Hulk wouldn’t recognize anyone from his Banner life so Betty Ross would’ve been so much fine red paste on the pavement like the rest of the city.
Of course Hulk didn’t kill anyone, intentionally or unintentionally, in the movie.
They tried to make something that could’ve been a manly men doing manly things like pounding our faces into goo into a chick flick. Hooray for broad generalizations no matter how apt they may be.

But I have to say love those purple pants!


Absorbing man blows. Why did they change the origin so heavily? Green mushroom clouds are cheesy. The movie takes way to long to get kicking. WTF was up with the Hulk in the clouds with the elctricity as they traveled to Lake-Wanna-Nuke? Most stupid looking thing I’ve seen in a while. What was the absorbing man becoming, a giant floating brain by absorbing the Hulk??? Dumb, dumb, dumb. I was totally unable to suspend disbelief by the end of this flick, and I am of the opinion that it IS possible to make a stroy about a 15 foot green monster that seems real. This movie aint it. They blew it. I’ll never watch it again. I’ve gone to most of the recent comic book flicks 2 or 3 times each.

DaLovin’ Dj

I quite enjoyed it.

Yeah, the Dad was a bit confusing, and his powers underutilized. It also ragged a bit at the begininng.

Still, it was visually engaging and fun. I liked it.

Oh, and Raisin, I know I’ve seen Betty and Bruce’s other friends calming the Hulk on several occasions. I also didn’t mind that his violence was sanitized for our protection. He wasn’t that bloody back in the 60’s, after all.

Arguing about this particular point is next to useless, but … what the hell.

All I know is this. I was sitting in the theater during that scene and thinking to myself … how is ol’ Hulkster going to get on Betty’s good side once she see’s this monster and goes running.

“Bruce, is that you?”

I almost said, “What the fuck?” out loud at that.

But I have to say … you’re little “I’d never scream and run from a ten foot monster … I’d analyze the situation,” is a bit laughable. You wouldn’t run from a ten foot green monster in the woods … the likes of which has never been seen before … and looks like it could squash you like a grape?

Okie-dokie. Whatever you say Jungle Jim.

I kind of agree with Jack Batty on this one. I’ll buy that she would have been able to recognize Bruce or put 2 and 2 together and figure out that it’s Bruce, but to show almost no fear whatsoever upon discovering a gargantuan monster outside at night at your cabin in the woods struck me as incredibly odd. Even if I knew what I was going to find out there, I still think I’d at least go “eek!” or something upon shining my flashlight beam on a giant green face looking at me.

I realize not everyone would react the same way, but it just seems very odd for her to have no other reaction than “Bruce?” right away. After all, even if she’s right that it’s Bruce, how does she know he won’t just smush her anyway? His body certainly changed enough.

I was waiting to hear that Betty was his sister all along after his dad schtupped the general’s wife especially after Betty was left behind by her father and the ensuing events of that day. She-Hulk stuff ensues with nasty hulksex in San Francisco.

I can’t disagree too much with most of the criticism here, but overall, I was satisfied.

I thought that the CGI was pretty good. I think it’s difficult to make a 15-foot tall green monster that looks lifelike. Instead of trying too hard, they just went with a more comic approach to it.

I think it would have been nice to see a little more humor and a little less father-son melodrama, but who knows?