Please don't F**K up Hulk? Please?

I have been a massive hulk fan since my youth in the early 80’s. I was in love with the TV series and have 97% of the original run of the comics.

When I saw that they were making a hulk movie for next summer I was excited and scared all at once. I can’t imagine what a CGI hulk will look like. I am scared that they are gonna ruin him. They are already changing his origin story for some stupid reason.

When do you think we will get our first glimpse of the CGI hulk?

What did you think of the preview? I don’t care for the guy playing banner.


I think they should cast Elijah Wood as the Hulk, and use CGI to make him huge. That way, he won’t get typecast.

They need to get Lou Farigno back.

I saw the teaser trailer the other day, and I’m a little concerned. It’s going to be a CGI Hulk, and I hate CGI, because no one seems to really do it well nowadays. They could, but for some reason, they just don’t put that much effort into it. And the guy playing Banner looked a little too young. But aside from the trailer, I haven’t heard much about the film. What’s the difference in the origin? And is his name going to be Bruce or David? Little things, you know?

The thing that excites me is that Ang Lee, who directed (most recently) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, is gonna direct it. Bizarre project for him, but I’m psyched.


who’s playing bruce/david?

i saw a little teaser and it didn’ show much, but it looked kind of cool.

they should do a gray hulk movie, i always liked the little guy.

The weird thing was, almost immediately after the teaser started running, I just KNEW this was for the Hulk film. Some of my friends reported having the same experience.


Eric Bana plays Banner, Jennifer Connely is Betty Ross. I thought the trailer looked pretty bad, but my trust in Ang Lee is high.


According to Dark Horizons, this guy is the fella who’ll be computer-mapped to produce the CGI Hulk. Unfortunately, Dark Horizons also has heard some very very disturbing things about the movie, such as a sort of “Hulk family”, including the transformation of a baby-Hulk, plus an attack by Hulk dogs and even a Hulk rat somewhere.
If you drag over the above, odds are you will feel deep pangs of regret.

Damn, I couldn’t resist. Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me. crosses fingers

is there a trailer out there? all i saw was the dood looking in the mirror, his eyes getting bloodshot, and then an outside shot of his house splintering.

That’s the trailer to which I was referring.


I’m already disappointed (somewhat) by the Hulk movie, simply because I think they should be using Peter David’s depiction of the Hulk from his ten-year-run of the comic book.

That would’ve been really stupid of them, Rob. They would’ve instantly alienated most of their target audience. Remember, most people think of the Hulk as a big, dumb, green guy that Bruce Banner becomes when he gets angry. That’s why we’re not seeing a gray Hulk or a smart Hulk.

So the whiners are already coming out huh?

The Hulk is going to be 15 feet tall.

CGI is the ONLY way they could do a TRUE to the comic Hulk anyways. Hulk is not just a really muscular guy like Lou Ferrigno was. He is MASSIVE! He smashes cars with is fist! He can jump miles in a single bound!

Sam Elliot is General Thunderbolt Ross! PERFECTION!

The Gamma animals are most likely true. The Govt. needs something to fight the Hulk, so they take animals who they believe will be more controllable and gamma irradiated them hoping to create more hulk-types.

The only problem I could see is: how strong will the Hulk be? There have been, from what I understand, various measurements of his strength. In the TV show he was pretty strong, but not “crack the planet” strong. In the comic his strength level seemed to fluctuate based on the story. They can’t make his power too unbelievable, can they?

Well, he completely fucked up that attempt to ride that motorcycle up that ramp.

Too busy to read the thread now - gotta go - seeya

From what I have read online, the first draft of the script has Banner as some sort of college professor who messes up some experiment and he gets hit with rays and so do some other people around him and they all get mutated into various things.

Why do they feel the need to change an origin story for ANY hero? Makes no sense to me. I mean, why make things harder for yourself as a screenwriter? The story is already there. All you need to do is add the dialouge? Ita obvious that the original story was good enough for the general public because hulks been around for 40+ years with devoted readers like me.

Why change it?

Well, in the Spider-Man v. Jedi thread, I invoked the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game, and it was agreed that the assessment of Spidey’s strength conformed with the canon, so odds are it will be for the Hulk as well.

In MSHRPG, the Hulk’s strength is classed as “Unearthly”, basically the strongest that any mortal being (and most IMmortals) can be. He can lift more than 80 tons without a second thought. Keep in mind also that the Hulk gets stronger when he gets angrier; there’s almost no telling what he’s capable of. By comparison, The Thing, another very strong hero, is rated as “Monstrous”; he can lift 80 tons, but that’s the uppermost limit of his strength. The only heroes I can think of offhand with “Unearthly” strength (without going into weird stuff like Molecule Man and The Beyonder) are the Hulk, Thor, and Wonder Man.

The largest weight I can recall the Hulk supporting in the comics was somewhere in the region of four and a half million tons; this occurred during the Secret Wars, when a mountain was dropped on the Hulk along with a group of heroes. The Hulk managed to keep the weight off for less than two minutes, he had leverage on his side, and he wasn’t “lifting”, only “supporting”. Still, damn impressive.

Also, if y’all want to see the teaser trailer, you can view it on Apple’s Hulk trailer page.

I feel similarly about Spider Man (admittedly I haven’t seen the film). I gather from the trailer that he’s bitten by a GENETICALLY MODIFIED spider… as if this somehow makes any more sense than a RADIOACTIVE spider for pete’s sake.

Yeah, I know that radioactivity isn’t the demon anymore and genetics is. It’s still stupid.

Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that he had accidentally microwaved while heating up some Ramen noodles. Not only does he gain the powers of a spider, his Webs are made of inexpensive pasta.