I just saw The Hulk. Possible spoilers

My boyfriend got press passes for us to see the sneak preview of The Hulk tonight in downtown Seattle.

I don’t really think this is a spoiler kind of situation, I won’t give away anything about the story line or anything like that…

The CGI is awesome, but the best thing about this movie is that Ang Lee directed it. Don’t take your eyes off the screen! Awesome use of camera angles, multiple screens, cut aways, fade ins…a visually stunning movie. Great tribute to comic books, great layout all over the place.

And a way cool big big muscular green angry dude!

I was worried about Elfman doing the music…don’t get me wrong, I love Elfman, but he is starting to sound a bit too much like…well, Elfman. Know what I mean? Always identifiable. No worries here, music/ambient sounds were wonderful, I’m considering buying this soundtrack.

And a note for the ladies:

The super Hulk enlarging party apparently doesn’t extend to all muscles, as is evidenced by some tight trousers.

Anyways, it was a little confusing at times (probably because I was watching some really cool stuff and not paying as much attention as I should have been) and that probably means I’ll just have to see it again and actually listen to the words.

Final analysis? Thumbs up! Fun movie.

How do they explain his trousers not ripping?

Yeah, Ang. That genius. Gee, I only hope the special effects were as flawless as they were in CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. Not!

That movie was an entire joke when they asked me to take those utter horsecrap wire-effects straight-faced.

With THE HULK, I promised myself I would never watch it after seeing that tank twirling cut. Yup. Sorry, It’s dead to me now.

Well, at one point, after he returns to being Bruce, he’s wearing a pretty large and baggy pair of shorts, which were nice and tight and (cough) form fitting.

Actually, for the most part, it isn’t addressed. He wakes up once wearing a pair of ripped trousers, and once he shrinks down and
Ain’t wearing nothing. A nice bun shot there. :smiley:

Um, you do realize that the wire-stunts in CTHD weren’t meant to be taken seriously, do you? The whole movie’s one big fairy tale anyway; the effects were secondary to the characters and their stories.

The Hulk is GREEN? Dammit, leafrog, you’ve ruined the whole movie for me.

Rofl, I totally agree.

skaterboarder87 and MrSarcasticus

I’m guessing you two men of refinement and discernment were part of the shopping mall crowd that annoyed the hell out of me whooping and hollering during the flight scenes.

Though, I grant you, the tank twirling cut IS a bit out there. Maybe it’s no so noticable in the context of the movie.

I, too, don’t buy that the M1A1 can be swung around by the M256 Rheinmetall cannon like that. I mean, the damn thing didn’t even pitch up all the way in it’s mounts! And, even allowing the Hulk that kind of strength, I don’t believe any patch of ground he could stand on could take that kind of stress. The tank weighs over 60 tons.

I like to think suspending disbelief is my true superpower, but I laughed out loud when I saw that in the teaser.

And is the Hulk still a non-killing superhero? Is the tank empty, or did the crew survive the multi-hundred gees of that spin, AND the landing several miles away?

You’d be quite wrong in that assumption. I loathe persons who hoop/holler/clap during movies.

Wow, you guys crack me up. You’re worried about the plausibility of a 60 ton tank being picked up and swirled around and tossed far far away.

Ooh, it wouldn’t hold up to that kind of stress!

Hello?!? This is a movie about a frickin’ comic book character. Since when are things that happen in comic books supposed to be plausible? You don’t seem to have a problem with Bruce Banner getting all pissed off and turning into a gigantic, muscular, green thing that totally pops the lycra out of anything he may be wearing, and you are worried about the tank?

And don’t even get me started on those people who couldn’t see and appreciate Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for what it was. :rolleyes:

Suspension of Belief. Fiction. Pretend.

Good words.

Excuse my ignorance, but wasn’t he David Banner in the TV series? Or am I remembering wrong?

The Comics Code Authority.

You should look into moving to a no-fly zone.

He was David Bruce Banner. The TV execs thought that “Bruce” was homosexually connotative, so they added the “David.”

Oy. Sorry about that. Here is the story on his name, as well as a whole bunch of spoiler material for why the Hulk exists:

David Banner is Bruce’s father. In the movie, they have taken a few liberties to bring it up to date. Nick Nolte (looking mighty skanky!) plays David, a scientist who uses himself as a guinea pig during the seventies. He is studying regeneration, basically. He ends up passing on some of his genetic mutation to his son Bruce, who ends up being raised by someone else after a tragic accident befalls his mother (sorry, no spoiler for that one) and goes into the same field as his father. Bruce heroically saves his co-worker from some gamma rays, but instead of exploding, he is fine…except now the genetic mutation is activated and the beast within…well, there ya go. David Banner also has some weird wild super-abilities, but did I mention that I got confused? This is where my fuzziness lies.

And as far as being a non-killing guy, yeah, there seemed to be very few deaths, except for

A mutated French Poodle from Hell!

leapfrog said,

Comic books, science fiction, fantasy, (and even mainstream fiction) should all set up a world with rules and then play by those rules. Yes, I’m willing to believe the character can get big and green and strong when he gets mad. Infinitely strong is fine by me.

But in the world of the Hulk I’m sure other characters are constrained by physics. And inanimate objects, too.

Or did you want me to believe the very ground underneath the Hulk gets stronger because Banner is mad?

Play by the rules! Otherwise, you’ll end up with some shitbag movie where the audience can’t even guess what’s going to happen next because the writer pulls some magic out of his ass in the climax to save the hero.

That’s what might have happened to the original Matrix. Remember Neo coming back to life and stopping bullets just because he wanted to? That could have sucked, except the writers specifically set up in their world so that that could happen.

So, in the Hulk, tanks should act like tanks and the ground should act like the ground.

I saw the movie last week at a press screening, and posted a thread that was ignored. :frowning:

In the movie, David Banner is the father and Bruce is the son (the Hulk).
I thought the CGI was well done, particularly in the closeup shots where the FX guys mapped Eric Bana’s facial features onto the CGI Hulk.

Go see it.

Here’s some better ones:

Impossible to suspend disbelief when the guys on wires are clearly expecting to touch the fuckin’ ground and aren’t. Shit movie. Stick to character dramas, Ang.

For one who calls himself MrSarcasticus, your sarcastic skills are sorely lacking.

However, your ability to judge an entire movie based on a single scene in a trailer appears to be in tip top shape. To think, all the bad movies this ability must have helped you avoid . . .

It truly staggers the mind.