Black scientists, Einstein, and Steven Hawking

Out of curiosity, did Einstein have any African American comtemparies? Scientists that were in the same caliber as him?
Does Hawking have any input or writings about white holes? Any that explain why they are mathematical anomalies and scientific improbabilites?

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As I said in one of the duplicates, how do you define “same caliber” when it comes to scientists?

What have these two topics to do with each other? Einstein vs his black contemporaries, and white holes as interpreted by Hawking? All I see here is the black-white connection - please tell me this is not the case!

It’s the case.

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What are you talking about?

The only such scientist I know of is George Washington Carver, a botanist in Einstein’s time, and not as influencial upon botany as Einstein was upon physics. I can’t think of any physicists or astronomers, although Ben Bakkerer preceded that period.

White holes are speculative and not especially anything to do with Stephen Hawking - his speciality is black holes.

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