Black Sheep

Here is a link to the column discussed. I enjoyed it but have a tiny nitpick to make. Bête noire. Bête is feminine and noir that final e to make it feminine as well… Keep up the good work!

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I fixed your link. – Dex

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Here is the link promised in the OP ;). And obviously it should read: “…and noir needs that…” sorry about that.

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Hmmm… I know it’s a minor nitpick, but the mistake has not been fixed in the staff report. Bête noire. It’s a bit as if I (as a francophone) wrote that G.W. Bush is President of the United State. The missing ‘s’ is a minor point, but still a mistake. Very similar with that missing ‘e’ in bête noire.

So this is not to be pushy, just to know why the mistake wasn’t corrected. Because it’s too minor? Because once written, staff reports cannot be updated? Or someone meant to do it and forgot?

Because we don’t accept a change based on one person’s say-so, so I had it on my list of things to check and then correct, and it slipped my mind.

No problem. :slight_smile: I was just wondering…