Blackjack: Single Deck vs Multi Deck?

I was recently playing blackjack in a casino and started to think about why they have single deck, double deck, and other multi deck tables. I know that multiple deck tables help the house by making the game last longer without the pause to shuffle the deck. My question is why have the different tables? Do the odds change and if so, what is the better table? Obviously “card counters” are going to have a much easier time with a single deck, but lets assume no one is counting. Anyone with insight on this topic please help, I want to know what table to sit at next time!

It’s been a long time since it’s been explained to me, but I do believe that the odds change. Single deck is far better (if, one would assume, far more crowded). I’ll let one of the mathematicians explain exactly why, however.

Single deck has better odds because it’s more likely that you’ll get a blackjack. It’s more likely that the dealer will to, but you get paid 3:2 and he only gets paid even money.