Bladder infections hurrrrtttt...

This is like an EXACT retelling of what happened me a couple of months ago. I would second the 10 day thing - every antibiotic course I took was a 10 day prescription. Also I got the infection three times in a row before it cleared up.

Once it did clear up I started drinking cranberry juice every day and so far so good. Also another thing that the doctor recommended is pro-biotic yoghurt (one with live cultures in it). I don’t really know why but perhaps the good bacteria uses up all the nutrients and space so that the bad bacteria has no room to flourish - just a theory.
The doc said that cranberry juice has some chemical that coats the wall of the bladder making it more difficult for some types of bacteria to grab on as it were. Anyway I do recommend the live yoghurt and cranberry juice. They’re healthy foods anyway and if they help keep further infections at bay all the better!

BTW comiserations - it is agony. I hope you get better soon. :frowning:

Bladder infections suck!

I’ve been prone to them my whole life. I started getting them when I was about 5 years old. My pediatrician thought I had some kind of kidney problems and I had all kinds of nasty tests done. Turns out, I just had to be on low-grade antibiotics for a month or two and the UTIs finally went away.

The worst one I ever got was when I was in college and I got a yeast infection. The topical cream for the yeast infection gave me a bladder infection. The antibiotics for the bladder infection brought back the yeast infection. I had a vicious cycle for about 6 weeks.

That is when I discovered the cranberry pills. No sugar like in the juice, just cranberry extract (I like the powder in capsules better than the pressed pills; they seem to work faster). I also drink about 3 liters of water a day. If I feel a UTI coming on (and now I know EXACTLY how dehydrated I can get before the UTI starts), I take several cranberry pills and drink a crapton of water, and I haven’t had to be medicated for a UTI in 6 years.

I hope you feel better soon!

The bacteria in yogurt are among the species of bacteria that we’re symbiotic with; eating yogurt gets more of them into your system, which can be useful if you don’t have enough of them around. (You can also get acidophilus pills in the vitamins section at the grocery, or at least in my grocery; yogurt’s more effective, though.) In addition to their functions in the digestive tract, they control vaginal yeast levels.

Yeast infections up the odds of UTI significantly. So preventing them keeps one of the major cause-factors for urinary tract infections under control.

I don’t know whether there’s another, more direct effect.

I got my very first UTI last semester. I had some pain off and on for a few days, and one afternoon while I was sitting in an Anatomy lecture, the pain became unbearable. (Ironically, it was a lecture on kidney and bladder functions. Go figure.)

When I tried to pee, all I felt was horrible, horrible pain. There was actually blood in my urine, and not just a few drops. Luckily, Student Health happened to be just down the hall from where I was, so I managed to shuffle my way over there. They gave me Macrobid, a 10 day antibiotic, which turned my pee bright orange and gave me many days of amusement. I also got something for the pain, but I don’t remember what that was.

I guess my point is UTIs and bladder infections so indeed suck, so I hope to never ever ever have one again. Hope you feel better soon!

Also, anti-biotics kill off the useful symbiotic “bugs” in our stomachs that help us digest starches etc., yogurt acts to “reinoculate” the stomach. So, if you find yourself really gassy after having an anti-biotics course, either get live, active culture yogurt (it can be found frozen too) or go buy the acidophilus pills and that should help out. It does also help prevent yeast infections. Yogurt, and cranberries help you maintain a healthy urinary tract.

I’ve had a bladder infection once (yes, men can get them too) and I can totally empathise.

Damn, that’s tough. Good luck. Warm thoughts your way from me. :slight_smile:

Ugggg. UTI’s, under any circumstances, suck, and not in a good way either.

A UTI while having your period… I’m not sure there are sufficent words in the English language to adequately Pit this. Is that pain from the infection, or the cramping? Is that blood from there or there?

Got rid of them pretty dang quickly though, and without use of antibiotics: I just chugged cranberry juice like there was no tomorrow each time.

<< It’s been lovely, but I have to scream now. >>