Blade Runner---and other insanely over-rated movies ...

I just finished sitting thru Blade Runner for the first time tonight. I almost gave up half way thru because it was so damn boring. This thing was supposed to be a Sci-Fi geek masterpiece? This thing has been hyped up forever so I forced myself to sit thru till the end. I thought maybe something was gonna happen that would bring it all together. Never happened. That movie stank like poop-covered poop.

This has taken the place of Lost in Space as the worst sci-fi movie I have ever seen. I just don’t see what was so special about it that people like it so much?

Anyway, what other movies should I avoid out there that are “classics” that actually suck huge balls?

Bladerunner is actually less of a sci-fi film and more a treatise on the philosophy dealing with questions like “What defines being human?” and “Can you be more human than another person?” etc etc

And how does this make it less of a sci-fi film? It sounds precisely like the business of science fiction.
I find the OP a little odd. While I don’t think Bladerunner is a masterpiece, or the greatest science fiction mopvie ever made, I would certainly never call it “boring”! Geez – high intensity chases and shoot-outs with androids, sweeping vistas of future LA, and generally weird happenings would seem to keep both the brain and the adrenal glands active. “Boring”?
If nothing else, Bladerunner was a phenomenally influential film, virtually defining the visual style of “Cyberpunk”.

So I gotta ask – what do you like? If you’re bored by Bladerunner, it’s a cinch that some of my favorite SF films – like 2001 – will put you to sleep.

Also, like 2001 & Star Wars before it, it also defined a style of sci-fi - in this case the gloomy over-teched future.

I found the story to move at an incredibly slow pace with minimal plot development. I will agree with you guys though that this was a defining moment in sci-fi futuristic settings.

I do like Robocop, Star Wars, Back to the Future :eek: , Herby the Luv-Bug.

I would. Jeez, sweeping vistas is one thing, but ten minutes of glowing mega-plex skyline is just too much. Like Star Trek The Motion Picture. 20 minutes too many of VGER.

Though not terrible, not something I was very happy with. The best part of it, as far as I was concerned, was Rutger Hauer, who’s presense will completely send any movie in the “B” zone. I almost shrieked when I realized Sean Young was in it, too. Who would have guessed she’s age so well from then to Ace Ventura?

As for another movie nomination …

American Graffiti.

I actually put off seeing this movie for years because my high school friends, being car nuts, all thought it was the greatest thing since bucket seats. I waited thinking, “It can’t be that good. If I see it, I’ll just be dissapointed.”

Well I saw it. And I don’t think I have ever been so dissapointed by a movie. Man, it was so boring. It never actually went anywhere, and at what should have been the best scene, the drag race, it was over in three secons … and then three seconds later the movie was over. Just like that.


Sorry but I would have to disagree with you, strongly.

The plot is very deep and multi layered, but because he’s not running from place to place with an artificial sense of urgency you think there is no plot development. There are three separate stories being told at the same time, no scene is a throw away (With maybe the exception of the Unicorn Scene in the directors cut In my opinion)

Ok so there wasn’t a peril every five seconds but that doesn’t mean minimal plot development. Action (Car Chases, shoot ups, fights) does not always equal plot, in most cases it’s padding to cover up the lack of plot!

Decker’s investigation is movement to plot as he gets closer to the group of Replicants. Roy Batty getting closer to his creator is plot movement. Decker trying to reconcile his feelings for what he knows is a replicant and the job he must carry out is plot development.

Just admit you don’t like movies that actually take the time to make you think without flashy explosions and people dying every 5 seconds.

Now Go watch Independence day and pretend you are a science fiction connoisseur. (FUME!)

AS for you DVD owners out there who have not picked up a copy I strongly suggest you hold on a special edition is planned for release within the year (no flipper disk actual extras Yipee!)

TWo biggest let downs I can remember are from a while back, but they both received so much hype from my friends and reviewers, that when I finally saw them, I wanted to beat a lot of people.

Speed, I should have realized it would be a mistake to see this one because most of the people hyping it that I new were girls, and Keanu Reeves is in it, so that should have told me something right there.

Interview with the Vampire. Horrible film, I really didn’t like it. I enjoyed the premise (the vampire with a conscience), but for me, the only decent part was when Luis(or Lewey, whatever) sets the theater group of vampires on fire. Other than that, it was Cruise acting frufy and rather dull.

Good job, kingpengvin, on making the distinction between “plot” and “action”. Far too many people just never learned the difference in high school English.

It does seem like this might the time to ask about the recent release, A.I.. As a movie which has been very hyped, how would the tremendously erudite and opinionated Doper community compare it to Blade Runner? I haven’t seen A.I. yet, though, so please keep spoilers to a minimum.

Phlip, if this constitutes a hijack, let me know, and I’ll open another thread.

Nah, no such thing as a hijack of one of my threads. I am just happy to see one make it over 5 posts long!

Anyway, maybe this is one of those movies that requires repeated viewings to catch all the hidden shit (ala Beastmaster :smiley: ), but to me, the whole point of watching a movie is to SEE the plot develope onscreen, not to piece it together in your head or to assume that a character is feeling a certain way.

I read books when I want to do that much work.

Me, I love movies that make me work. You wanna do hard labor at the theater, watch Brazil.

Blade Runner/Director’ Cut is a whole different beast from Blade Runner/Awful Harrison Ford voiceover. I saw the Director’s cut first, and was blown away by the movie. It was beautiful, tense, sad, and thoughtful.

Then I later saw it with Harrison’s voiceover, and I was appalled. He sounded like a surly drunk, like they told him he had to do this voiceover and he said, “Okay, but I’m gonna do it as badly as I can.”

Other overrated sf movies? Independence Day was a bust. Heavy Metal doesn’t deserve its cult status. Robocop wasn’t nearly as clever as it thought it was.


Glad to hear it, Phlip!

[Morpheus voice] I know exactly how you feel. [/Morpheus voice]

Most of the time I don’t want to work very hard when I watch a movie, but BR is definitely one of the exceptions for me, a “film” rather than a “flick.” All I can say is that it caught my imagination at a time when the whole question of humanity was one with which I wrestled each day, and so felt that I could identify with both replicant and runner. What is the substance of memory? Of experience? How is one to know that existence is not simply some programmer’s dream dumped into my head? Am I me? Or am I simply the dream of some God who, when He wakes, will simply go on about His day, forgetting this ephemeral thing that is my life, to vanish into the mundane details of His routine?

Plus, that gun Decker had was freakin cool.

Do not see AI, it is a horrible movie, comparing it to Blade Runner is like comparing “Citizen Kane” to “Dude Where’s my Car”. If you do a search you will find there was a long thread a couple of months ago about how bad AI was.

I agree.

AI had promise and for the first part it worked but it fell apart by movie II and Movie III just stank and made no sense! For those who haven’t seen it it is almost like three movies in one. You had the feeling that it should have ended several times.

The problem a lot of us have with science fiction is that it’s apparently very difficult to set up a credible futuristic world without violating some basic scientific principles. Too many films stride right over that obstacle by waving a “suspension of disbelief” card. That’s how you get your Armageddons and related excrementa.

When one creates a story that is about such a futuristic world, rather than merely placed in one, it’s important to explain it. If that concept fails to entertain you, you’re gonna have to stick to the rayguns and foam-rubber monsters.

Mullhuland Drive (sp - I know, see sig)

Chirst!! The director did not have any control over the movie; his producers decide what kind of movie to make (network TV!! no, Cannes!!) and he simply obeyed. And he gets credit for making a masterpiece!! Anyone can write a complex story that makes no sense!!! And throw in a few self-referntial scenes (you know like where some mob guy demands that the director chose some actress to be the lead), and I have Mullhuland Drive II.

Shit!! I never have been so let down in my life. The point of the movie is: Some movies dont make sense!! And its a good thing!!

What crap!!

A.I. started out interesting, but quickly turned into a big pile of suck.

I too was disapppointed by Blade Runner; but then, I’ve only seen the non-director’s cut with the bizarre nonsensical ending and the annoying voice overs.

American Beauty is pretty dang insipid.

So is Shakespeare in Love.

Congratulations. You have now seen every David Lynch movie ever made.

Might I introduce you to the stylistic concept known as

Film Noir

and more…

Ten Examples of Film Noir

then, there’s…

The Shadows of Film Noir

Bladerunner did not in any way invent a new style. Ridley Scott and Jordan Cronenweth, the Director of Photography- along with Syd Mead, Production Designer of Bladerunner as well as Alien, all worked to create a true Noir Sci Fi piece.

Calling it gloomy over-teched future is a big haughty. Besides, have you ever BEEN in Times Square at 1am on a drizzly night?? Tell me that life has not imitated art imitating life. Stand on the island in front of Bar Code Bar, and look around slowly. Do it in January, so it’s a cold drizzle with the steam venting through the manholes…

Noir. :cool:


Gotta disagree with you, Cartooniverse. Bladerunner clearly introduced something new to the world of SF and film. Yeah, I know film noire, but the look of Bladerunner combines darkness with a run-down industrial future that noire doesn’t have. Plenty of folks have given Bladerunner credit for creating the look that became cyberpunk.
I still think you folks that think B is slow-paced haven’t seen enough movies. Jeez, 2001 takes forever to unfold, by those lights. Yet it’s nmot at all boring or without development.