'Blade Runner' prequels, sequels in the works

‘Blade Runner’ prequels, sequels in the works

I never saw Blade Runner all the way though, just couldn’t get into it.

Is Soldier going to be considered as part of the same line? I would hope they go more along that route (stories in the same universe) rather than trying to cash in on Deckard or any of the other characters specifically. I doubt that anything will equal Blade Runner, but some interesting things could be done with it.

For instance, I wouldn’t mind seeing, say, a story set on a remote offworld colony that gets cut off from the rest, with no one quite sure who is and isn’t a replicant.

They better not fuck this up. Blade Runner is one of the finest scifi flicks ever made.

So–who will do the design? The music? Bladerunner wasn’t special so much because of the plot. But the look & the style sucked me in. (And Young Rutger Hauer.)

No worries - I hear George Lucas is writing it.

There were three novels published that were sequels to the film, two of them continuing Deckard’s story. I’ve never read any of them because everybody I knew who had read them thought they were absolute drek.
I agree that there is hope for these new works if they are just set in the same universe and tell new stories about new characters. I’d like, for example, to find out more about the war that Roy Batty fought in, though not necessarily his exact part in it.

Reviews suggest the novels by K.W. Jeter that form the remainder of the Blade Runner bibliography are garbage–J.F. and Pris aren’t dead after all? WTF?–and of course they have nothing whatever to do with the original work by Philip K. Dick (which was substantially mutated to become the film).

But the Variety item makes it sound like those books are not necessarily going to be the basis for the new films at all. These guys, Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, apparently really have no idea yet what direction they are going to go in. So the window is open for something good… they say the original is a favorite film, that they “have to do justice” and so on. We’ll see. Maybe.

Oh, and note to Dave McNary: “sci-fier” is a stupid construction. Don’t do this again.

They could simply follow another Blade Runner, and not Deckard. Maybe a Runner closer to what Deckard was in the book (less film noir private eye like, more half looser like he is in the book). They could even throw in that Replicant police department storyline that’s in the book.
But the original Blade Runner movie is infinitely superior to the book, so, even with the rights to it, good luck on coming up with something even remotely of the same level (on the other hand the Total Recall show wasnt that bad, and could compare with the Verhoeven movie).
The Blade Runner video game was really good for its time, so it is possible to have quality side stories.

I had to go back and check to see that it was not a comparative form (sci-fiest would be the superlative, of course). It would be pronounced “siffier”.

*Foundation *is sci-fier than Lord of the Rings.

Nah, I agree. Don’t do this again.

I hear that, with groundbreaking new CGI techniques, they will be introducing a new hyper-realistic “Nexus Nexus” model, that can accompany and shadow normal humans effortlessly, injecting themselves into any societal situation, sometimes in amusing ways. However, they are eventually detected when the Voight-Kampf software gets revised to simply trigger on the word “meesa”.

I don’t have any expectation of this leading to anything that isn’t a pile of suck, but Blade Runner is in no way “infinitely superior” to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. It has some fantastic art direction that is entirely original, and compared with most adaptations of PKD’s work it was of a much higher quality and not just a silk-purse-into-sow’s-ear exercise like most of them, but it still set aside some of the most interesting ideas.

I would still be more interested in seeing a straightforward adaptation of DADOES than new stories meant to mesh with the Ridley Scott movie, but if they took the opportunity to explore some of the discarded or barely-touched-on material (such as the mass extinctions and resulting pressure to put your resources into some sort of token animal husbandry, and how this drove the simulacra industry, or play with ideas such as whether or not a transcendental mystical experience which is mediated by a machine differs in any meaningful way with religious experiences of the sort that people have during the rest of human history,) then there is a good chance that the movies would suck less than if they stuck to riffing on what was included in the Blade Runner screenplay alone.

At the risk of derailing the thread, does anyone else think that Blade Runner is to DADOES as Starship Troopers is to Startship Troopers (the book)?

Both well loved SF books.

Both turned into movies that bear scant relation to their source material. Both destined to spawn straight to video sequels.

That’s not far off the mark. I have a very, very bad feeling about Blade Runner prequels and sequels. Major suckage seems virtually assured.

But Red Mars is pretty Fly for a SciFi…

From the very openio9 interview, it seems as though all that Alcon has done is bought out the rights, and they haven’t actually begun to think about what they are actually going to do with them yet.

That’s very odd. Normally what would happen is that either 1) Someone would already have a script written before securing the rights or else 2) if all they had was the rights, they would be very coy in their interview about what to expect. But this interview is very forthcoming, even though there doesn’t seem to be any coherent plan actually in play.