Blair coming clean

That’s an interesting thought. How do Brits say “I’m coming”?

In a variety of ways but it’s considered polite to presage it with ‘Excuse me old gal, but …’

To do otherwise would be to label yourself a bounder and a cad.

Family Guy covered this, but I’m drawing a blank.

“Cheerio, I’m off, time to see to me daily wank.”

I thought it was “I promise I’ll tap your head a second before”.


If you’re posh you say “I’m arriving”.

I don’t give a shit, Blair fucked up all of his credibility with me when he went down that road with Bush. If he’s got any regrets now it’s too little too late in my opinion.

Ah, that’d be the dog’s bollocks, old chap.

You Sir, are a cad and a bounder.

Well, colour me enlightened.

I imagine she said it too, but I couldn’t understand her with her mouth full. :smack:


Not going to happen, but:

Call for Scotland to try Blair as ‘war criminal’

A real lady would know not to speak with her mouth full. She was probably a colonial of some sort. Or a member of the lower orders. Either way, you’re clean.

(Airblairxxx wakes up, wanders into pit)

Wait, what the hell did I do?

(takes closer look at entire thread)
Oh, right, it’s about that other guy.

Carry on.

Er, I think I’d like a Jaffa cake instead.

If you’re not so posh you just assume she realises when you whip it out and wipe it on her hair…

And if you’re really posh you say “We are arriving”.

Or possibly “One is arriving”.