Blair coming clean The prick is starting to come clean. He has had his nose so far up Bush’s ass for 5 years and now he is going to separate . In this article they say he went into Afghanistan to help prevent Bush from nuking it. Now, he says he was upset because Bush had no exit plan.
He and Tenet were in a place to stop the Iraq invasion. They both were only thinking of their political futures. (and of course their financial well being). These pricks are bought off and are shameful excuses for human beings. Bush even went into press conferences to speak for Bush to keep people from seeing what a war mongering stumble bum he was. What a disgusting human being.
He went to war with a guy he believed was willing to nuke the shit out of a country that was practically stone age.

The article contains a single hyperbolic sentence from a former UK ambassador, and says nothing whatsoever about Mr. Blair.

That’s why he’s gonzo to the max!!!1!!11one!

There are four paragraphs, three of which contain the word “Blair”. I agree with you that the article hardly seems to justify the foaming at the mouth of the OP.

Yes, but every mention is just some hearsay from this guy Meyer. IOW, there’s no actual news regarding Blair, or any statement by Blair or his staff, or any scandal about Blair or his ministers, or any quotations from any other person.

Very shoddy journalism, and, more importantly, very boring.

So we have Meyer’s recalling what Blair told him told to the documentary, told to the Mirror, picked up by this article (an article, by the way, that can’t tell the difference between “reported” and “reportedly”). A 5th hand account? At what point does the game of telephone kick in?

I think I’ll hold off for more information.

Obviously Blair was smart enough to know the war on terror is/was shite, and had to go along for political reasons. And its not like Dubya wouldn’t have done exactly the same things he did without Blair’s support. Don’t knock Tony, he was put in an impossbile position by a moron, and did the best he could with it.

I just can’t picture Blair using the phrase “nuke the shit.”

H’s British. He’d say “nuke the shite” I’m sure.

Is that a britishism, like “whinging”? i always thought it was a typo.

Yeah, they make a lot of typos.

Yeah, someone oughta teach those fucking Brits how to spell.

Easier just to nuke em.

The article says there will be a documentary soon on Blair. The BBC reported the Downing Street Memos and led the stories about Florida voter suppression. Our newspapers for some reason neglected the stories. Bushie was not fair game until just recently. I have read that Blair seeks to be head of EU. With the love Bush has brought us around the world he has to pretend he was in charge and knew better.

Shite rhymes with light.

I thought it rhymed with “titty.” :frowning:

Yojimbo is right. If you ever get invited to afternoon tea with Her Maj, make sure you say ‘shite’, not ‘shit’.

Why can’t they just speak normal English over there?

Blair has been called Bush’s attack poodle for years. Now that he is leaving office he seeks better press. He will throw away his knee pads and stand up to America now because it will further his career. Bush served his ends at the price of an inexcusable war. Blair will try to distance himself. I wonder how much of a real believer he was.

Wow, looks like Brutus is back. Yay!

Oh, sorry, Yay!!!111one!1! :rolleyes: