Blair Witch

Just saw the movie for the first time. Spent the next hour and a half watching the last five minutes frame by frame. What the hell happened?

Why was Michael just standing in the corner at the end? Who ( or what) dropped the camera at the end of the movie. No, it was not Heather, you can hear her screaming in the distance. For that matter, why was the camera dropped? My GF insists Heather ran into or tackled whoever had the camera. No, you can still hear her screaming in the distance.

After a lot of long and heated debate, I figured this was the place to find out. Opinions, anyone?

Are we examining this in far too much detail? Well, yes, but we’d still like to know

There are several threads about this already that you might want to look into before this one gets out of hand.

Michael is standing in the corner because of the hermit mentioned at the beginning, who killed the seven children in pairs (beats me how that worked, but it’s small town folklore, so making sense isn’t required). He made one child stand in the corner because he couldn’t stand being watched.

I just watched it again a couple nights ago, and interpreted the end the same way: Mike enters the basement and is clubbed over the head. Heather enters the basement, sees Mike, gets it over the head (by the hermit? the blair witch?) Whatever noise she makes is her being killed or whatever, though I actually don’t remember her screaming.

Lest we try to hash out the details again, it should be noted that the film itself is basically an urban legend about three students who chase an urban legend. Coherent plot is less important than enjoying a story you want to believe is true, while knowing it’s not.

Ahhh… makes much more sense now. Still leaves some open questions, but it is a movie after all.

Sorry about not checking other threads, folks.