Blalron's Comprehensive After Graduation Plan

(1) Get a job. Nothing too fancy, minimum wage work will do for now.

(2) Use money from aforementioned job to fix up a '72 Roadrunner that has been filling up space in the yard of my deceased great grandmothers estate two blocks from my residence.

(3) Buy insurance for aforementioned car.

(4) Through all manner of personal ads and/or the internet, search out for some human female that is willing and able to go out on a date with me. Being out of high school and in possesion of a vehicle, I won’t have to worry about her overrly strict parents or transportation problems anymore!

(5) With whatever is left over, save for college. Continue to reside in comfortable basement residence in father’s home until other options become viable. If conditions become unbearable, move in with my mother at the other side of the country.

(6) Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I’m free at last!

Sounds like a plan. What kind of college are you looking for? And you may have to prioritize that list. Mimimum wage doesn’t pay for much these days.

Only the best: Community College! 3k a year tuition when I can rustle up the money.

Keep tellin’ yourself that, buddy. :smiley: