Blank E-mails

OK, so I’m tired of getting these e-mails that are completely blank.

In my Outlook (2003) the:


Are all completely blank, including the message body. How am I getting these? How are they being sent? Do you think they’re coming from the same area, or are these all random/different. Do other people get these? Is there a way to get them to stop?

You can try downloading and installing ‘spamcop’ which will tell you where the email is coming from.

      • The reason you are getting them is because spammers are sending them. Three main reasons are spammers are bounce-testing your email address, trying to blank-crash your junk mail filtering or someone with your address got a virus infection, more than likely #1 or #2 than #3. “Blank” emails tend to include non-printing characters for the purpose of crashing and disabling spam-filtering software. As I remember, MailWasher was the first program found to have this problem, but there are many others that have odd problems with emails that are blank, or only have non-printing characters.

General Googlage:“blank+emails”+spam&btnG=Search
–Many of these Google returns are ordinary people just like you & me pondering the mystery, but you do find some discussions of network admins trying to filter blank emails. If you read enough you will get some idea why it’s not as straightforward a process as it seems.

This has been discussed before, and I don’t buy the ‘spammers testing the market’ answer at all (why wouldn’t they just send the spam in the first place?) ‘Zombie’ machines (infected computers churning out emails) seems to me a far more plausible #1.