"BLANK" is still alive

After reading of the passing of some fine actors/artists in Eve’s threads, I thought it might be nice to start one wherein we list people who are, thank God, still with us, and doing pretty well. Try not to name ones too famous–I’m shooting for the more obscure, but appreciated. I’ll start with an example.

Bruce Bennet (Herman Brix): a fine actor who had a supporting role in “Treasure of The Sierra Madre,” and who is the oldest living actor to have played Tarzan is still alive at 92.

Who else?


I think Leon Askin (General Burkhalter) is still alive, and in his 90s.

Also, I think the Dean of Unnameable-but-instantly-recognizable-actors is still alive and in his 90s–Charles Lane.

Amateurs. Look here: http://dpsinfo.com/index.shtml