Blast from the recent software past

A co-worker was cleaning out his office (not fired but taking away offices from non-managers) and asked if I wanted some software. Like a yutz I said yes. Okay, Microsoft access for Windows… version 3.0 Norton Utilities version 6 for up to DOS vesion 5, Borland Paradox for Windows 3x

Can you say “white elephant?” I knew you could. RIP Mr. Rogers :smiley: I have a theory that nothing is so useless it can’t be sold on eBay. Any bets on how much I’ll sell it for? I’ll start at $10 + shipping so I’m not completely wasting my time. The Paradox and Norton utilities are still sealed so maybe they have collector value. :rolleyes:

Start at $3.95.

You may be right but if it won’t sell for $10 I won’t waste my time boxing and shipping it.

just tell them it’s RARE!!! and people will give you their money…

Old versions of software can be useful, because you can use them to qualify for the upgrade price for the current version. I once got Microsoft Access cheap because I had picked up RBase v1 (on 5 1/4 " floppies!) at a clearance sale, and used it to qualify for the competetive upgrade.