Blatant phishing!!!

Holy crap on a stick …

I have earthlink and just got a phishing email … the ‘update your earthlink info’ link leads one to this page

It wants everything but your cock length …

I am amazed thaat someone would still fall for blatant phishing like this, but then again knowing some of my previous cow-workers I canbelieve in the gullability of almost anybody :eek:

I’m not surprised at all. As numerous studies have proven, people have a need to satisfy authority. An official-looking web page that demands information + people that lack the capacity for independent thought (most people) = obedience.

Just like that scammer that called fast-food joints pretending to be a police officer and ordered (over the phone!) managers to strip-search young female employees.


My first reaction if someone wanted to strip search me, and was told I would get fired if I didnt comply would be to whip out my cell phone and call the cops… but i am pretty sceptical about most people I meet. At least I finally managed to train my dad into searching on Snopes before he believes anyuthing in his email.

I’m sure my granddad and many other of my elderly and not-so-bright relatives would fall for this.

“If PIN is invalid your account will not be verified.”

That’s the lowest of the low. Have you reported this? You should, you know. I would but I’m not in the US.

I don’t know about the OP, but I’ve sent the link to Earthlink. It would be better if the OP could send along the email to them, though.

Yesterday my husband, who does not have a Paypal account, received a payment confirmation from paypal, for $119.00 worth of Starbucks coffee. Of course they wanted him to click on the confirm payment link :rolleyes: He didn’y click the link of course, but when you mouse over it the preview was something like www.anarchy dot com.

He is just perplexed how they got ahold of his email. It’s his ISP address which he gives out to no one but family.

I’ve also sent that page along to Juno. Thought they might be interested, as their Privacy Policy appears to be a linked page on the site.

I got one very similar to this for an ebay account I don’t think I even have (unless I signed up for one and forgot about it).

I remember being stunned (like the OP) at the sheer balls the guy had, asking for bank account numbers, my pin, and even my bank’s 800 number (to save him from having to use the yellow pages when emptying my checking account apparently).

This is just plain terrifying. Anyone who falls for that just handed the guy their WHOLE LIFE.

I’m glad I know enough to ferret these out when I get them, but I am guessing a lot of folks happily fill out the form, never knowing they just made what could become a life changing mistake.