Blind hoarder mom may not have known she was living with son's corpse - for 20 years

The headline says it all:

Curiously, the room had an overriding stench of rotten food, not rotting flesh - presumably the mice and rats took care of that over the past two decades, leaving an intact fully dressed skeleton.


Wish there was more to the story. Like the respective ages.

From a story on the WPIX website, “The deceased man, whose name has not yet been released, was a former taxi driver who would have turned 51 years old this week.”

What did she do, wander around for a few days saying, “Son? Son?. . . Oh, I guess he must have moved out.” This is a sad story.

Another source says that she had two sons, one who would have been 51 now and one who would have been 49. This source says that the older one died in 2003 and the younger has not been seen in twenty years. It sounds like the police have a little sorting out to do.

There must be some serious alienation in that poor woman’s family, if one of her sons just disappears and no one thinks to question where he might be (including her). I guess it’s possible that she might have some cognitive issues along with the OCD.

Bet she’s feels silly now complaining he never visits

Pics or it didn’t happen.

In 20 years, she never stumbled over or felt something on that mattress?

Maybe the last conversation she had with him was, “Mom, stay out of my room!”

This is odd.

I wonder how they’re gonna work this into an *L&O: SVU *episode?