Blind man, guide dog survive subway track fall



The story does have a sad ending, sorta:

If there was a fund to help this guy keep his dog, I’d contribute a few bucks.

Hell, me too. How much would it cost for him to get to keep his pup?

And the relatively short working life of a helping dog is why I am very reluctant to get one - I tend to fall in love with animals - I have trouble with the idea of bonding with one and having to give them up.

The crowdfunding campaign has apparently met its $50k goal, but you could still give if you wanted to.

First, let me say I have major warm fuzzies about him getting to keep his friend even once he can’t be a working dog anymore. And I realize on reading the story that he fell, then the dog leapt to his aid.

However, when I read the thread title, I immediately imagined someone scolding the dog: “You had ONE job!” :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be great if he could keep the dog, though the dog won’t have the same kind of life he did before. But don’t feel sorry for the dog - the demand for retired dogs is very high.
My dog is a retired guide, though she was a breeder, and never worked with a blind person.

It’s up to $64,000 now. This is very heartwarming. I hope it reaches $200,000. Orlando deserves to live the rest of his life at his master’s feet. I hope he gets to enjoy his retirement for many more years as reward for a life spent in service to his owner.

Dogs are good people.

I’m glad this story had a happy ending and that Orlando will get to stay with Williams! I was on a train behind the one that nearly hit him- the conductor stopped the train and made an announcement about a “passenger injury.” If I hadn’t moved on Sunday meaning I take the train from 145th St. now instead of 125th St. I would most likely have been on the platform when this happened.