Blind pilot flies from London -> Sydney

He did have a sighted co-pilot, but he mostly flew by himself with audio interfaces with the instruments,,2-10-1462_2103122,00.html

his website:

Good on him.

Who gave him a pilots license?

Wonder if he will try to do it in the US of A?

Of course, he only intended to fly to Cardiff.

Damn SatNav :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of the guy from the US who thought his flight from LA to Oakland was taking a long time…

He had got on a plane to Auckland :smack:


OK, It’s nice to have a joke the Brits and Aussies can use to make fun of Americans, and Americans can use to make fun of Californians, etc., but surely a Sydneysider has accidentally boarded a flight to Oakland?

A pair of brits had an unexpected vacation in Sydney Nova Scotia.