Blockbuster On Line - Is the new site slow or do I need a new computer?

Blockbuster recently changed their site and it is waaaay slower than the old one. Is it buggy and poorly designed or do I need to upgrade? My computer is about 5 years od or so. I had it upgraded recently, but it was minor. I think I have a little more RAM. Has standard technology moved up to the point where I need to think about a new computer? Or should I just hate the Blockbuster site?

I have an HP pavilion 7845 that came with Pentium III (866 MHz) and 128mb SDRAM (which, as I said may have been slightly increased).

I don’t know what any of that means with regard to my problem. I just need to know if I need a minor tweaking or if I should think about moving up in the world.


Have you got dialup? I’ve got broadband and a new (Spring '06) computer, and yeah, it’s a little slow, tends to hang up a bit.

If you’re still on dialup, I definitely recommend you think about broadband, which totally rocks.

Kalhoun - PLEASE read my BBQ thread on Blockbuster. I’m not raining on anyone’s parade, I just thought people should know.

Nope…I’m on the cable, baby! Everything else runs well.

I’ll do a search on that and get back to you.

K…I didn’t see anything pertaining to their website. I have been renting from them for a looooong time, and have been on the internet version for a couple years now. It’s convenient and with the new “trade-in at the store” feature, we’re doing probably 20 movies a month for $18. I always get a phone call 3 days before my rental time is up. If I’m late, tough shit for me. Of course I have a problem with the “less than complete” selection, and I hate anything that isn’t presented exactly as the artist intended, but other than that, I think they’re more than a good deal for our needs.