"Blocked by Tweak-xp"...what??

I went to a website just now to see if any pics from last week’s RHPS had been posted yet, it had that message in a little icon on the upper left, that was all. (Well, that’s what it does with IE, with Opera it just displays nonsense characters for a couple lines on a blank background.) I’d been there just last week, and the site displayed fine then. And when I “view source”, I can see the correct html document for the page in that text file. So this isn’t some typical thing where a page is down, and I’m baffled as to why it’s doing this.

It’s not a huge deal as it doesn’t seem to be doing this to any other sites, but I’m bugged by my comp doing something it shouldn’t. I don’t have that “tweak-xp” program, I can barely figure out what it supposedly does from it’s website I googled for. I also Ad-Aware scanned just now, and nothing iffy popped up.

Does anybody have to foggiest clue what the heck this program does, and why it’s blocking a web page on my browser when I don’t seem to have that program?

Well, Tweak XP is basically a front-end for modifying your Windows registry. It’s meant for people trying to tweak their system for every last bit of performance, and predicatbly, it’s only meant for Windows XP.

I haven’t the foggiest why it’s apparently blocking a web page, especially if it’s not installed.

Tweak XP has a pop up blocking utility, and a banner ad blocker as well. When I had the banner ad blocker turned on, it would display that message… as for why You’re seeing it. No clue.