blocked ears and landing in an airplane

Has anyone got some answers to how to stop that excrutiating pain that sometimes happens when you land in a plan?
My sister’s boyfriend has it every time, won’t go to a doctor and it puts him off flying.
I need an answer for purely selfish reasons - I’m getting married in August and they are coming to the wedding, I don’t want anything to stop them!

He doesn’t need a doctor unless none of the following works and the pain is still excruciating: Yawn, swallow, chew gum, do the “magic ear pop”, and take decongestants.

Good link Duckie, though I have one word of caution that it did not explicitly make:

This should be done GENTLY or you risk rupturing an ear-drum.

I have also found stretching my head to each shoulder and massaging the spot under my ears and behind the jaw can help relieve some of the pressure.

Cecil Adams on What’s going on when your ears pop? and a Staff Report on Why do my ears hurt when I fly in a pressurized jet?

I don’t know how to make the link look pretty, but try this site:

I’ve used these (Earplanes) and they work wonderfully.

In combination with the Earplanes, I also take 2 sudafed a half hour before boarding and 2 shots of nasal spray directly before boarding. This was recommended by my ENT doctor.

I have a lot of trouble with my ears on planes and these help me.

Always have a bottle of water on hand. When drinks are being offered during flight, always get a botte of water. Swallowing is definitely the best method of equalizing the pressures felt, but when your mouth gets dry, swalling can become near impossible.