Blocking friends on steam. Do you show as offline to them?

I have an odd group of friends on steam. Half of them I ‘met’ within games (well, ‘game’… Modern Warfare 2) and the other half are real-life friends.

The met-in-game half have a few odd-balls. One particular guy likes to invite me into private matches and try to teach me how to get to difficult places in maps.

Another guy likes to teach me how to be a good sniper.

And the second guy also likes to invite me to Spec-Ops games, but he calls the shots. I don’t particularly enjoy being told what to do, particularly when I work best as a lone-wolf type, calling my own shots.

The half of people that I know… well just one of them actually… tends to invite me into the game-modes I least enjoy (Hardcore team deathmatch and the like)

Anyway. I want to be able to come home from work and take out some frustration on some poor unsuspecting stranger in a cage match or a group of poor unsuspecting strangers in Free-for-all. I don’t want to fart about doing things that I, well, don’t want to.

So last night I blocked my entire friends list.

Does doing this cause me to appear offline to those friends?

Unless things have changed, if you remove them from your list, the system removes you from their list too.

That’s not what I’m asking. I didn’t remove them. I blocked them.

I clicked on ‘block all communication from this user’