Blog design

(I really struggled about which forum this should be in, and settled on IMHO at random. Mods, do as you will.)

I’m a novice web designer with the Dreamweaver/Fireworks MX suite, a pretty basic grasp of the technical side of things, and not a whole hell of a lot of time.

I’m looking to redesign my site to bring my blog front and center. (I redesigned it not long ago, but I’m not that happy with it, and this is a learning project anyway.) I’m looking for some basic principles of solid blog design.

How big should it be? (I browse at 1280x1024, so what looks good to me often sucks for others.) What are some tricks I should use or new methods I should learn? (I’m certain I don’t even scratch the surface of my software’s potential.) What other principles should I keep in mind?

Feel free to point me to pre-existing resources, if you know of good ones. Also, don’t be shy about using parts of my current page as examples of what not to do. :slight_smile:

Dr. J

Keep it simple. Don’t clutter the page like yahoo or infoseek. Your blog is simple and clean, as it is. Please don’t clutter it.

I don’t have tips and tricks for you, but one thing I noticed was the overwhelming whiteness of the page. You have the banner (which I like) at the top and then, essentially, three columns. All white. Might I suggest carrying the color scheme from the banner down the left and right columns, leaving the middle white?

The page would still be nice and simple, uncluttered, but it would have a cohesive feel.

All this, and you don’t have to worry about your whistles and bells working in different browsers.

DrJ, you are amazing…I am in awe of you.

I agree with what leenmi has said. The layout is clean and very navigable and readable; perhaps just change the color of the center or two outer columns to tie in with the banner.