Blog Rights.

I have a friend that has told me that her school (public) has issued a new policy towards blogs and the content that students post on them. From what I hear, (and I’m trying to find a link) students posting statements insulting other students or even stating a dislike of other students can be punished in school. I really wish I could give a link, but the school’s website hasn’t been updated since 2002, and I have very little hope of them posting it there. I think it makes a good debate though, so I’ve drawn up a semi-hypothetical situation involving a similar rule.

Let’s say at a school in Kansas, a new rule that was worded like this:
“A student shall not use opprobrious or abusive words or obscene language to describe another student, nor shall they threaten or harass another student on a web log (“blog”).”

2 questions:

  1. Does a public high school have the authority to enforce this rule?
  2. Should a public high school have the authority to enforce this rule?

I don’t think this blog control idea will get much traction.

See By David L. Hudson Jr. First Amendment Center research attorney K-12 public school student expression

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Should they? No.

If Joe thinks Steve is a pussy, and even says so on, the school just needs to stay out of it, unless a fight over it happens on school grounds. Even then, the school should concentrate on the fight, not what what said on Joes Blog.

Really now, how is this going to be any different then school yard bullying? The schools hardly do anything about it now, and all the sudden they want to take over blogs that are in the public domain? Someone’s on a serious power trip here.

I’m with PA on this. It looks an attempt to throw around some weight just to look good. Like saying, “Look what we’re doing about this!”

I would rather see some real effort taken to protect the schoolkids in real life, like not having those semi-hidden areas where the different kid can get jumped. Yeah, I know you can’t watch all the kids everywhere all the time, but they sure as hell could try harder. How? Good Q, me not know.

Don’t suppose anyone has a cite for this? I teach in Texas.