Blog - Where to put it?

I am looking for recommendations for blog sites, any advice?

What kind of blog?

Whatever kind it is, I must warn you to keep away from Xanga.

It’s populated with people like my sister.

If it’s personal, LiveJournal is good. I managed to keep mine from being whiny and emotastic for a whole four months!

It would be personal…generally

::golf clap:: :smiley:

4 months? Wow, looking back I didn’t even last a week before getting all emotastic.

BTW, I’m on blogger and pretty happy with it.

Whereever you have the most friends. If you have friends with Xangas make it there, if you have friends with myspace, make it there, etc.

LiveJournal is good because it’s pretty customizable and you can make it ‘friends-only’ so you don’t get a bunch of weirdos you don’t know commenting and reading it.

Me too! Then I stopped whining in it for a few years, and went back and deleted all the whiny posts in an act of self-loathing. After re-reading them, I wanted to invent a time machine for the sole purpose of bitchslapping myself as I wrote them.

As for the question in the OP, I’ll second what Strinka said. Go where the people you know are. Half the fun of ‘blogging’ is the networking part. I rarely write in my LJ anymore, but I look at my friends page every day. If you don’t know anyone else with a blog, though, then open a Live Journal account. I’m pretty sure there’s a Straight Dope community on there.

Well, if you’re looking for social promotion opportunities, blogspot is the best free host because it comes up best with searches on google. Plus, it’s free & it’s easy to use and customise.

Typepad definitely garners more cool points among the pay-hosted blog services.

If you are already paying for a domain and bandwidth, get wordpress and read the FAQs and learn some fun stuff. It’ll be worth it.

I like, easy to use and you can set it private or public. I think the template is a bit simpler than Live Journal, which I tried and didn’t like. Blogger comes up on google searches too.
There’s an opportunity to make adsense income on Blogger, isn’t there? Though unless you have a really widely read blog with 1000s of hits a week, it would take you years to make $5.00.

I 3rd, 4th, 5th livejournal. It’s ad free and has a clean, intelligent design. There are some great communities on it as well.

If your looking for an art / blog community, give terminus1525 a try, beautiful layout and is experiencing a rush of inspiration from those who’ve escape deviantart.

I have a feeling this might be somewhat of an ironic question, but could someone tell me what emo and emotastic are? What kind of writing/behavior would this be?

If you’re planning on putting up a lot of pictures with your blog, I like MosaicGlobe . I’ve found the interface for setting up the pages/choosing a style/figuring out how to put up a picture/etc etc superduper easy.

Did I mention it’s easy? Heh - I’d like to think of myself as being terribly computer savvy, but deep down, I know better. So I really enjoyed being able to set up my blog and upload pictures without having to call my fiance every few minutes asking him “how do I…”

So I’m happy with MosaicGlobe.

thanks for sharing, I’ve never seen this one.

Emotional writings. Something along the lines of:

“The past week and a half I’ve been sweating the small stuff: worrying about the smallest detail, the smallest mistake, the smallest omission. Last night, I realised that none of that matters. In the real world, as opposed to the one created inside my head, no one is as critical of me as I am. Sometimes you need a friend to show you the truth, to pull the blinders off your eyes and expose you to the true reality of a situation. A new viewpoint on things combined with a recent conversation made me realise things aren’t nearly as bad as I thought.”

At least for me, it’s just stupid things that I write about because I’m away from home and don’t really have anyone here to confide in. I don’t enjoy my entries that are along these lines, they make me feel like I’m 16 again. But I need to write them to get them out.


thanks kid a…

If you don’t know people using a certain service already, I’d say livejournal. Generally, editthispage is too obscure, xanga’s too tweenish and myspace is too retarded (unless you’re a musician and feel like you ‘need’ it, I guess).
If you don’t want/care about traffic you should just have a personal website blog.

I’m another lj-er. I like it. I didn’t have any trouble setting up a layout I liked and updating it is a breeze. Like most other people have said though, if you know a lot of people with blogs from another site, go with that site. I love reading my friend page!


I like blogspot. I get a strange amount of traffic, especially considering my subject matter is generally poetry discussion!