Blogosphere: A need for counterpoint

Blogosphere: A need for counterpoint

The counterpoint to emotional, narrow, partisan, and temporally momentary exhortations is: rational, fundamental, universal, and designed temporally to be intellectual considerations for all seasons.

The counterpoint I suggest is that of criticism as defined by Matthew Arnold 1828-1888: Arnold says “I am bound by my own definition of criticism: a disinterested endeavor to learn and propagate the best that is known and thought in the world.”

It appears that most people consider the Internet not to be a congenial media for rational discourse. I think that such need not be the case. I suggest that we, who find the Internet discussion forum to be a useful venue for all kinds of discourse, attempt to test that Internet forum for use as a means to perform the type of criticism Arnold defines.

Arnold’s form of criticism is designed to serve, not an immediate need for society enhancement but to serve, as an instrument for laying a concrete foundation for all seasons.

The results of this form of criticism depend upon the critiquing agent becoming a grounding source for the best knowledge available. Arnold does not mean the best information available but he means the best knowledge, which is founded on the best understanding available. Just as it is possible to reach all the way back to mid-nineteenth century England for the best, the critic needs to prepare him or her self for such a role by a life time of self-actualizing self-learning.

The ideas and quotes are taken from “Essays in Criticism” by Matthew Arnold 1828-1888. A web site that speaks about this renowned poet and critic can be found at

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