blonde moment!! [Viewing profiles on Facebook]

REALLY stupid question I know but how do I view anyones profiles on Facebook? I can only get as far as their List of Friends!

You can’t view the profiles of anyone but people you’ve already friended (and have friended you back).

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Not quite true. In the privacy settings, I can choose whether my profile is visible to any person in each of my networks as well; under my current settings, anybody who’s part of the University of Chicago network (for example) can see my full profile. However, many people only allow their own friends to view their full profile, and there’s no way (as far as I can tell) to allow people who aren’t in any of your networks to see your full profile.

Facebook has some pretty heavy privacy restrictions. By default, you cannot see anyone’s profile if you are not in their network. You cannot join most networks unless you have an e-mail address that is valid for that network or are invited by someone already in the network. For example, you have to have a email address to join the Drexel University network. High school networks require an invite from someone already in the network. Being friends with a person in a specific network does not confer the ability to view other profiles in that network. Furthermore, a user can additionally restrict profile visibility, hiding parts of it or even the entire profile from people who are not friends with them.