Blood Flow

No, this topic has nothing to do with the penis. I searched the archives, and came up with nothing, so this may verify that this is a stupid question, but I’ll ask it anyway. What kind of adjustment does your blood flow have to make when you wake up in the morning? Aside from your heart rate increasing, is it at all traumatic for your blood to change from flowing more or less horizontally throughout your body to vertical flow?

Well, sometimes I get a head rush if I sit up real quick.

There are mechanisms to help getting vertical less traumatic:[ul][li]Veins in the lower body have valves that keep blood from pooling in the legs[/li][li]Blood pressure increases[/li][li]Heart rate increases[/li][li]Breathing increases in both volume and rate[/ul][/li]
So there shouldn’t be too much of an O[sub]2[/sub] difference in your blood.

If you’re talking about the blood physically going side-to-side vs. up-and-down: it makes no difference to the vessels. It’s just fluid going through them, whether up, down, left, or right.

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