Blood Simple: Forever Young

So I finally got a copy of Blood Simple on DVD, the “special director’s cut” digitally restored by Forever Young films, with commentary from Kenneth Loring. Needless to say, I’ve found the commentary fascinating so far; there are a lot of details about the movie that I never realized just watching it on my own.

But I have to ask if anybody can give me the straight dope on the restoration and the commentary, without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen the DVD edition yet. In particular, who is Kenneth Loring?

I dunno, but I watched half of this movie in a theatre wearing glasses with dark red lenses. It turned everything on screen except the brightest highlights black.

It was pretty neat.

My impression was that Loring was from Forever Young films. I thought the commentary was obtuse and tiresome; I only made it through about 20 minutes worth before I turned it off, lest I mash ‘Eject’ and snap the DVD in half. It was as if the “Asshole/Where’s your fuckin’ neck” guy from Rocky Horror was talking through the whole film, but with no amusing musical numbers to alleviate the annoyance.

Mmmm… Frances McDormand in a motel room with tousled hair. Zounds! My cock twas all athrob.