Bloody Mary!

Need a few recipies for the “PERFECT” Bloody Mary. Any and all recipies will be gleefully tried. (By Me). By the way I’m using Smirnoff Silver Label vodka. Good Stuff! :wink:

I don’t know amounts of Vodka vs Tomato juice because I always eyeball it.

But here’s how I make mine. It might sound odd, but it tastes really good.

Clamato (I think I’m the only person who drinks this stuff)
Celery salt (just a dash or two)
Dill (dash or two)

Toss in a pickled bean.

I call it the Bloody Pickle.

In a large pitcher, start with two heaping tsp of prepared horseradish. add one large can of Clamato, Tomato, V-8, or whatever variation you prefer. Add a couple tbsp of lemon juice and a couple tbsp of Worcestershire sauce. Salt to taste ( I put about 1/2 tsp). Take a bottle of your favorite hot sauce and shake as much as you think you can stand and then add two more shakes. Refrigerate overnight. Makes a pretty good eye opener for those early morning fishing trips!

I suppose some vodka would be in order, too. At least 2 cups:smack:

Seven, you’re not the only one who uses Clamato. In fact, there’s a name for the drink you describe, whereby you sub clamato for tomato juice: a Bloody Caesar (minus the bean, of course). Enjoy!

One bottle V-8 or Mr. and Mrs T’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix.
One bottle vodka (you can get away with the cheap stuff here)
Jalapeno Tabasco to taste
Worcestershire Sauce
Prepared Horseradish
Celery Sticks or pickled green beans.

In a highball or collins glass, put a scant half teaspoon of the horseradish and the Worcestershire sauce. Swirl. Add the Tabasco to taste. In each glass, put one to two shots of vodka depending on how strong you want’em. Fill to the top with tomato beverage, add vegetable garnish to be used as stirrer. Fresh dill is nice on top, as is fresh-ground pepper.

My GF has been a bartender for over 6 six years, and everybody raves over her bloody marys:

1 1/2 - 2 shots vodka
1/2 tsp A1 steak sauce
2 dashes worchestershire
2 dashes black pepper
2 dashes celery salt
2 dashes garlic powder
3 dashes tabasco sauce (or any Louisiana hot sauce)
1/2 tsp horseradish
wedge of lime
Cambell’s tomato juice (bloody mary mixes are too thick)

garnish with cocktail onion, spanish olive, and celery stick
This is the all time best spicy bloody mary, ever.


I forgot the Worcestershire. Add a dash or two of that stuff to my Mary above. :slight_smile:

This is the way I do it, and I haven’t had any complaints yet.

In a 16-oz. Collins glass:

1/2 tsp. prepared horseradish
Juice of half a lemon
Two dashes Worcestershire
Two dashes Tabasco
One shake celery salt
One grind of fresh black pepper

Stir with a chopstick (or celery stalk, if you want one for garnish).

Fill glass with ice (leaving the celery stalk in place).

Pour 2 oz. vodka over the ice, and stir again to chill.

Fill with V-8 juice, stir once more, and serve.

Thanks all. I never thought of Clamato juice, it sounds good. I’m about to try some of these, wish me luck!

For a real eye and pallette catcher, stuff the celery with cream cheese, or soft chedder, and skewer some peal & eat schrimp.


Anybody know how to “prepare” horseraddish? I wan’t to try out some of these recipes but don’t know the first thing about the stuff.

Where do I find it in the supermarket?

I usually substitute wasabi for the horseradish…and don’t forget the celery!

I don’t like horseradish in mine. :frowning:

It just means that it’s already ground. (You don’t want to grind your own without goggles and a gas-mask.) Prepared horseradish is cut w/ a little vinegar, IIRC, distinct from cream-style which is, well, creamy.

It’s often kept in a chiller case, near sausages, good dill pickles (Claussen’s; accept no substitute), etc.

Good luck. Now this is a worthy quest.


If you’re in the NE US, the ultimate brand is Kelchners horseradish. It will clear your sinuses and conscience in one shot. Supers here put it in odd places-the local Giant has it at the end of dairy, above eggs.

Pray tell, what is a pickled bean? :confused:


>>> It’s not my thread, so it’s ok. :slight_smile:
I have finally found horseraddish!! It was in the sour cream and onion dip area of my supermarket.

My worthy quest has progressed somewhat.

I have discovered, lacking horseraddish, that there is a significant difference between two and four shakes of pepper and/or garlic salt into a bloody mary. Also, the stick of celery is key.

However, now that I have found horseraddish, nothing can stop me.

evil grin

Slight hijack, but since Caesars were mentioned above (vodka, Clamato, spices), I have to recommend using a spear of pickled asparagus as the garnish. It improves the drink, and unlike celery it’s actually edible.

A pickled bean is just like a dill pickle, but in green bean form:) In New England, they’re called dilly beans, and they make a fine garnish for a Bloody.

In addition to horseradish, I like to add some grated fresh ginger to the mix.