Bloody noses and diet.

I’ve had cycles of… fragile-nose-membrane-syndrome for a long time. It seems like once I get a bloody nose for a discernable reason, for weeks or months I risk a minor nosebleed just by splashing water on my face or eating a hot meal that makes my nose run a little. My mother has theorized that it has to do with my diet, and I should eat more greens, but what does she know? Can anyone confirm the validity of these idea or offer another dietary option, preferably one that involves eating bacon and ice cream? I’m really getting tired of spending portions of almost every other day with toiler paper stuffed up my nose.

Could be a vitamin C deficiency. See your doctor.

Yup, see a doctor. Could be nothing, could be something bad. Meanwhile, make your mother happy. Next time you grab a fistfull of bacon, wrap a piece of lettuce around it, or at least have a sprig of parsley on the side:)

I looked at several health sites, such as webmd and drkoop. They all have the exact same info, obviously copied from one source. Here’s the info:

It basically boils down to “see a doctor.” Have you had any signs of a respiratory infection?

I’ve had bloody noses for YEARS. The only thing that keeps them away is taking 1000mg of Vitamin C per day.

Then, the only time I get a bloody nose is under extreme stress. Lately, that is a rare event. Good luck.