Blue Bayou restaurant (Disneyland)

I’ve always wanted to go there. As a young kid, I would get so lost in the atmosphere that I didn’t really even get that we were just passing other park guests at an actual restaurant that, ostensibly, we could go to also. They were just. . . part of the scenery. Of course I also didn’t realize that we weren’t under the night time sky so I was *really *caught up. As I got older, the very richest kids went their for their birthdays or proms or something, I don’t recall, but it was still this mythical place that I knew I’d never get to experience. I still haven’t gone there, and Johnny’s review is pretty much the same as others I’ve heard IIRL, but I would still go there in a heartbeat

Key word there is “20 years ago”.

20 years ago yes, the best thing that could be said about the food at D’land was mediocre. Most of it was just bad and hella overpriced.

However, about 15 years back, they made a significant effort to step up their food game, and it succeeded. The food is still pricy, I being a theme park and all, but it’s much, MUCH tastier. Like night and day, seriously.

Well, we went.

Apparently they’re booked up right after the park opens. Wednesday though, we were told that if we came back at 4:00 ‘on the dot’ (the hostess said ‘on the dot’ at least twice), we might get a table. We cam back about 3:55 and got a pager, and were told there would be a 20- to 40-minute wait. The pager buzzed after about five minutes. Mrs. L.A. had the jambalaya, which was very good – though I think mine is better. Hey, it’s her honeymoon. (Oh, they gave us pinback badges for the event. Also dessert.) I had the filet mignon, rare. Not as good as the ones I cooked up a couple of months ago, nor as good as The Black Forest Steak House, but as good as the ones at Le Chat Noir. Even though the food was overpriced (we had prime rib at The 94th Aero Squadron on Tuesday that was 60% of the price), the food was good, the atmosphere was as expected, and the staff were attentive and pleasant. The bill came to under $100, and I left a $20 tip. So not too bad after all.

I’d say that is pretty darn cheap for a special night out. Apparently you don’t drink because a couple of cocktails and some wine with dinner could have easily doubled that.

Disneyand doesn’t serve alcohol*. We did get out ‘darn cheap for a special night out’. I was surprised. Still overpriced, but not objectionable all in all.

*I think you can get beer in California Adventure, but I’ve never been there. I think Downtown Disney – outside of the park – has alcohol.

They actually have full bars at California Adventure, even

I forgot about that since I’ve never been to the Land, only the World… and we usually eat at Epcot where alcohol is not hard to find. Still, not a bad deal for a nice meal and good atmosphere.

Not the French Market,* Cafe Orleans*. But they still have it for lunch at the BB.

Yes, the burgers and hot dogs are overpriced- less so than any sports stadium, and less than most rival parks, but still- you get a Ok burger for 2 or 3X than a fast food place.

However, the food at the top end restaurants, like Carthay Circle is in line with any other fine restaurant.

And there* are* bargains. The Fried Chicken at Plaza Inn has three huge tasty pieces, plus sides- more than most can eat- for about $14. I have tried, but I can’t find better (or as good) chicken at a better price point anywhere.

The super hand-dipped corn dog is the best in the universe, and reasonable.

But yeah, if you try to buy fast food at a theme park, you’re gonna pay more.

It’s not for everyone, but it has many really devoted fans. It’s also a LOT of food.

Seriously! Even going half on it was too much; I’m thinking of going fourths next time. One piece for a part of four is still filling–that thing is huge.