Blue blinking light on people's dashboards/sun visors?

Driving home from work every night when I hit residential neighborhoods I’m noticing more and more cars have a blue light that slowly blinks on either their dashboard or sun visor. The fact I’m seeing it means it’s pointing outside the car so I have no idea of its purpose. The light is bright blue and seems to blink every 5 seconds or so after staying steady.

My guess is that the light you are seeing means the car is locked and the alarm is armed.

Correct, although in some cases it’s a fake light so would-be thieves assume the car is alarmed.

I thought these were red. I guess they have to switch things up to stay with the times.


Fleshlight is charging…

To me a blinking blue light means a Bluetooth device is paired. That’s all I got.

Yes. My dashcam, mounted in front of the rear view mirror, has a blue LED light. It blinks when recording an incident and is otherwise solid blue.

There is a red light on top of the defrost vents that blinks when the car is locked and the security system is automatically armed.

They are against the law in North Carolina as they could misrepresent the car as being a police vehicle. Also red lights that are not originally on the car.

Not according to the law you posted - these blue lights are not of the sort “designed for use by an emergency vehicle, or (is) similar in appearance to a blue light designed for use by an emergency vehicle”