Blue Chip = High-powered MJ?

Just got an email from our dean of students about a hydroponic marijuana with 10X the regular potency called blue chip/cheese/crush. It has all of the characteristics of urban legend but Snopes doesn’t have it. Any Dopers got info on this? I suspect it is a UL but i’d like some backup when I tell the dean.

The key to urban legends - where did he get the information? I doubt the dean has his own chem lab or focus group (hmmm…) to determine this for himself.

Most UL emails are passed on, chain letter style, purporting to come from some fictitious authority. Why would authorities pass on warnings about strong pot? “OMG, this stuff is groovy, man!”

Most real warnings are about poisonous stuff - following news reports of several deaths, i.e. “There’s cocaine laced with rat poison going around - 5 people have ended up in hospital!!”; or are about a well-known and well-publicised problem - I.e. “Crack is 10 times as addictive as regular cocaine!!!”

A warning about an obscure problem that doesn’t sound believeable - probably isn’t.

First off, there isn’t really such a thing as a “regular potency” of marijuana.

This report by the Netherlands institute of mental health and addiction (PDF, Dutch) states that the THC percentage in marijuana available in Dutch coffee shops varies between 1.5 (or 0% for some variants!) and 28 %.

Reports from the 70s show a variation between 0.1 - 1 % and 14 %. There are some other graphs in that document that seem to indicate that average potency is slowly but steadily increasing.

Note that converting MJ into hash will increase the amount of THC - to currently somewhere between 9 and 66%.

The report also claims that much of the indoor growing - which the most popular way for obvious reasons - of MJ is done using hydroponics.

So it could be true, for some interpretation of “regular potency”. I have no idea about the naming.

“Cheese” is a famous strain dating back to the '80s. “Blue chip” is a popular name for strains of many plants, including junipers and chrysanthemums, so while I can find no mention of an MJ strain called that, it’s not unimaginable. “Blue Cheese” is another well-established hybrid strain. I can’t find anything called “crush,” but “Orange Crush” is well-known. I imagine that most of the named strains that are marketed for medical use or home growing are on the high side, but I really have no way of knowing.

Which is why I questioned the email. It looks like a cut and paste job from another email with no authorities cited. Of course it doesn’t help that the dean is horrible at writing emails.

Of course, there may be some posters that will let me know sometime after 4:20pm :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds like a reworking of a story the Daily Mail and other sensationalist tabloid newspapers were running a year or so ago about a supposedly new type of weed called ‘skunk’, which had the same themes of it being x times as potent as ‘normal’ pot, and a complete lack of evidence or basis in reality.
For those of the non pot-smoking disposition, skunk is simply the name of a strain that has been around since the 80s (to the best of my knowledge, feel free to correct me if you know better) and is in no way a ‘new’ or ‘super strength’ strain.
It’s just the usual alarmist propaganda from the people who want a practically harmless (compared to other legal drugs) substance to stay illegal mostly because of ignorance, imho.

No no no, wrong urban legend. Doesn’t anyone remember the “blue star” LSD panic of the 80’s?

I’ll call bullshit on this once.

Popular strains can be easily googled. Googling blue chip strain returns zero relevant results, other than this actual thread which is the first result.

Googling for other well known strains produces many results. I.e. jack herer strain, skywalker strain, platinum bubba strain, etc.

There is a possibility that this email is legit. I have been in contact with the Dean and the local police. They’ve requested my help. I will be offering potency testing of all marijuana. For a limited this will be free of charge.

Contact me for mailing instructions.