Blue Ladybugs

I’d like to start a ladybug farm and ive collected alot of red, orange, and ive even found a few green ones. Has anyone ever seen a blue one? also I know they are tough bugs but can they fight off ants if they try to invade? and Ive seen rolly pollys mess with them too. Do frogs and lizards eat ladybugs also?

See: is for sale | HugeDomains

Go to and search for blue ladybugs to see many more.

Okay, a few more:

Don’t forget yellow. That’s another one to keep an eye out for, for your collection. I saw one today in fact.

All the blue ladybugs in Senegoid’s links look photoshopped to me. If you go to the bottom of the first link, the OP there came back, and said they look more like this

I saw a tree frog try to eat a regular red ladybug once. The froggy was on the house wall under the back porch light- I was watching him while my dog did his business in the yard. I saw the ladybug land. I thought don’t do it, frog, but the frog snagged it with his tongue as frogs do and tried to swallow it. I then watched the frog wretch and spit the bug out. That wasn’t all- the frog then kept wiping his tongue off with his front feet for several seconds. That was the most comical nature show I have ever seen.

I don’t think a frog would try to eat more than one ladybug. One human told me she ate one accidentally when it got in her salad and found it equally revolting.

They are probably delicacies in China.

Those aren’t real

Are the color variations inter-species or are they different species? If they aren’t the same species the farm won’t last long

Usually different species, but you have some variable species as well. So for example variations in the commonly introduced Harlequin Ladybird Beetle.

I can’t think of any common green coccinellids off hand ( doesn’t mean there aren’t any - there are ~5,000 species and I’m not an expert on the group ). But if you have something like this, which are very common pests, it is not a ladybug at all. Entirely different family of beetle.