Blue Light DVD Question

After reading this article It occurred to me and my nerdy friends that the following question is unanswered:

If blue light lasers are superior to red light lasers due to shorter wavelength (and hence higher density of data) are ultraviolet lasers the logical next step for DVDs?

If so, are UV lasers not yet perfected , too expensive or have some other reason for not being useful?

They’re already on the way


UV lasers are still in development. After all, let’s look at how long it’s taken to get blue-laser technology even close to being ready for consumer electronics.

Pioneer just announced on Wednesday that they’ve got a UV-laser based system in development, and that they expect a CD-sized disc to have a half-terabyte (500 GB) of storage.

Thanks for the links.
I think that my office gang just became Straight Dope fans! :smiley: