Blue Man Group

Man, these guys are swell. They’re funny, their music sounds bitchin’… and they’re so odd that it reminds me of Monty Python. Yeah, I know they advertise the Pentium 4 proc, but hey, it’s still cool.

Who else loves 'em? Who hates 'em?

now that I clicked that reply link, I have no fucking clue what the hell you are talking about…but music is cool.

They’re okay…but I am currently holding a grudge because some dumbass Grammy producer with his head up his butt arranged for Jill Scott (who is, without a doubt, the Best New Artist) to share a stage with them (and MOBY? WTF?). She is the best performer I’ve ever, ever had the pleasure of seeing live. Jill has an incredible voice and an incredible stage style - she’s funny, smart, wise, and beyond talented. Why in God’s name would she be denied the chance to sing one of her own songs?

Once I’m over this blow, I’m sure I’ll be able to appreciate them a little more.

Oh Nymysys, they’re calling you…

I’ve been wanting to catch their show for over 6 years now, I first saw a review on one of the local news programs in NYC and thought they were amazing. Demo and I have kicked the idea around of catching a show oneday, who knows.
Add me as another fan, even though I’ve never seen a live show.

Yeah, I would count myself as a fan. Thing is, I’m here in Central Canada, so I haven’t been able to attend one of their shows. I became a fan seeing numerous of their appearances on the Tonight Show. I’ve also checked out other clips, art, audio, and pics of theirs on the web. Their advertising practices are great.
Hopefully I’ll be able to see them live soon. What I’ve heard of their CD is very cool and I have read that they are releasing a DVD. I guess I’ll have to experience them through second-hand media until I can get to one of their live shows.

I just saw them at The Luxor in Vegas on Thursday!
Amazing show. I bought the CD. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a fan since I saw their show in NY a few years back. Apart from their being very entertaining and creative, I found them refreshing in that they are “performance artists” who can actually DO something. Most of them in my experience are just blowing smoke up their butts, some of them literally…

I got to see them, front row (where they give you a raincoat), and got to have my name put up in lights (because it was for my birthday). BEST SHOW EVER!

I’d heard of them years ago, without any sample of their music, and I thought they were kinda cheesy (yes, another uninformed opinion!). Then I didn’t hear anything else about them, and they slipped from my consciousness.

Then during the second or third series of Pentium commercials, it struck me: Blue Man Group!

I haven’t bought any of their music yet, other than the Pentium commercials (I don’t even know if they have anything commercially available at music stores, but I sure hope so!) but I plan to. They sound like they rock!

And the “performance” aspect of the act intrigues me as well.

I’ve seen them twice in New York. The first time I sat in the orchestra, just back of the “raincoat section.” The second time I took my mother (she’s 70 - she loved it and still talks about it, even though it was certainly the weirdest performance she had ever seen). We sat in the last row of the balcony (the theater is so small it’s easy to see everything), right under the big reels of paper, so we got to roll them out over the rest of the audience during the show’s incredible finale.

Even though the “Blue Men” are played by a variety of different individuals, each one I saw seemed to be equally proficient at the rather difficult stunts they do.

I got the CD as soon as I saw it a few months ago, and I listen to it all the time.

Even if the commercials may be annoying, the group itself is great. But I personally like them so much I smile at the commercials no matter how oftne I see them.

I’m definitely a fan. I’ve seen the show three times here in chicago, and I think that’s the way it should be done–everyone needs to see the show three times. The first time you see it, you’re ooh-ing and aah-ing. The second time, you can begin to see how some of the things are done. The third time, you go with people who haven’t seen it before, and you watch THEM ooh and aah. The first time I saw the show still ranks asthe most mindblowing, amazing, fantastic awe-inducing, joyful experiences of my life.

Like I said–I’m a fan. :slight_smile:

I have yet to see a show by them, but want to. I like the Pentium commercials, because they seem to have fun doing them. Which is good.
Blue Man Group is one of those performing artists who are out there to have fun. If they happen to entertain people and make some money in the process, all the better.
Hell, if I could make money doing that I would; beats having to go to college for four years, to do something I don;t even know I will like doing. (now THAT’S a run on sentence.)

Huge fan. Love 'em. Saw them about a year ago. Have one of their spit/spin paintings hanging on my wall.


They have a cool site too.

I got to light their show when they were in Houston, 5, 6 (I’m not sure. The years just seem to run together.)years ago. They were touring “Tubes” and opened in New York a few months later. They “stole” our stage manager.

It was one of the most interesting expeiriences I’ve ever had. They are soooooo cool.

I also did Karen Finley that year.

Eat your hearts out! :smiley:

Haven’t seen them; but I’d LOVE to!

Probably won’t ever come to Seoul anytime soon, though…:frowning:

I’d never heard of them until the Pentium ads. Upon seeing the first one, my roommate mentioned that he’d seen them about a year ago. His opinion was the same as everone here who has seen them: They’re great. I’d like to see for myself.

They rock. I saw their Vegas show at the Luxor right after it opened, and it was every bit as entertaining (although in a very different way) as O, the Cirque du Soleil show I saw at the Bellagio on the same trip.

Highly recommended, even if the do shill for Intel.