Blue Man Group

I saw these guys in Vegas in August. I cannot even begin to explain the way they got to me, on so many levels. They were rock ‘n’ roll, they were art, they were comedy.

When I got back to Ireland, I realised that nobody has even heard of them. Are they famous? Has anyone else seen them?

They have been part of the ad campaign for Intel here in the States, which has given them exposure. If I’m thinking right, there are several Blue Man Groups, one of which performs constantly in Las Vegas, and one of which was in Chicago recently. I’d love to see them in concert. They have a CD, called Audio which is wonderful.

I saw them last September in Vegas as well.

Whole lotta fun. There have been several threads on them…hit the search and take a peek.

They’re a fixture here in Boston at the Charles Playhouse. They were fantastic and fun - unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I was a bit surprised at the ocassional foul language as i thought it was more of a family show. In any case, without that it is great for all ages (but loud). You have to pay attention too because some of the pieces are subtle, like the one that begins before everyone is seated.

I can’t wait to see them again.

i saw them in NY in '93, and thought they were great!! hubby and i saw them in vegas this july, and he loved them, too. the two shows had a lot of similarities, but some big differences, too. the vegas show was much “flashier” than the NY show. and we have friends who saw them in chicago 3 months ago, (at my behest), and didn’t even know about the “pre-show” show! they didn’t do that in vegas, i was kinda disappointed.

Oh, I meant to point out in my post that the Charles Playhouse is an old, small brick theater, so the show had a much more intimate and interactive feel (audience participation notwithstanding) than shows at the wang, for example. The Playhouse seats about 500 people. I don’t know if the shows in Chicago, Las Vegas, and NY are similar.

I’d guess that at the Luxor in Vegas it was probably 1000-1200 people.

You too can be a Blue Man:

{{ducks into room, doesn’t recognize anyone}}
I don’t believe in aliens.

But if I did…

{{quickly pulls cap over eyes, leaves room}}

My husband and I saw them over the weekend as part of our anniversary celebration. We loved the show. It was hysterical. I have had trouble describing it to people. All I can say is that I highly recommend it.

We saw it in Chicago at the Briar Street Theatre. It was a fairly intimate setting, which made it really nice. The audience was very much a part of the show and that was cool.

Except for the 'weight proportional to height" thingy I could be a Blue Man!!!