"Blue Moon Detective Agency . . . " on DVD

I just ordered seasons 1 and 2 of Moonlighting, which it seems has some very good extras. Has anyone else seen it yet?

I loved that show when it first aired: when it was good it was very, very good, though when it was bad it was horrid.

I got it the day it was released. Still entertaining, because they hadn’t slept together yet. I keep replaying the scene between Bruce Willis and the security guard, where they go into the extended Dr. Seuss/Donald O’Connor riff. :smiley:

How are the cast commentaries? Worth listening to?

Yeah…they’re not bad. Not the best I’ve ever heard, but not the worst either. I’ve just started listening to them, so I can’t give you a complete run-down. Sorry. :smiley:

Is the Shakespeare parody on one of the sets or was that a later season? I’d really like to see if it’s as funny as my teenage self thought it was at the time.

It would be great if Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis actually got into a screaming match during one of the commentaries. “I hated working with you! Every day was sheer hell!!

It’s from a later season, and it is just as funny. I taped it one time it was showing on Lifetime, and have played that tape for my AP Euro class every year since.

I’ve been Netflixing them. There are some great lines every now and then. Apart from the aforementioned “You’ve gotta read your Dr. Seuss” exchange…

And from a scene where David is attempting to convince Maddie that he’s into the arts:

You don’t get many ee cummings jokes on TV these days.

Here it is:

I remember after that episode they ran a “blooper reel,” and it took the actor, like, 20 takes to get it right. You could tell Bruce Willis was this far from decking him.

Just started watching them, and I gotta say, “1940 movie written by Preston Sturges, directed by Howard Hawkes, starring Jimmy Cagney and Carole Lombard.” And there is no higher praise.

I don’t have the box set of the series, but I do have the pilot movie. Is that included in the box set?


This probably not verbatim:

“You can’t close the agency, Maddie. Let me tell you about another business that was having trouble. These two guys opened a little roadside grocery store; there were no customers, milk going bad in the cooler. Then one day Mister Eleven says to Mister Seven, ‘Sev, what do you say we open a littler earlier, stay open a little later? I’ll let you put your name first.’ And ba-bing, marketing history!”

Damn, that show had its moments.