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What are the 12 named full moons?

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I’ve seen varying lists. Here is the list from The Farmers’ Almanac

January Wolf Moon
February Snow Moon
March Worm Moon
April Pink Moon
May Flower Moon
June Strawberry Moon
July Buck Moon
August Sturgeon Moon
September Harvest Moon
October Hunter’s Moon
November Beaver Moon
December Cold Moon

I have also heard that the Harvest Moon is actually the first full moon after autumn begins.

Note that names for moons were specific to individual Native tribes. There is in no way shape or form a comprehensive list. Since they live in diverse climate regions, which one was the “sneezing” moon or the “harvest” moon (not all had such a concept) also varied.

Sneezing moon? I love it. Lessee…

The Wolfman’s Moon
The Hospital Emergency Room Chaos Moon
The High School Teenager Car Window Moon
and of course, we know that most babies are conceived under:
The Fuckin’ Moon (Man! Look at that fuckin’ Moon!)

Wow, that’s some link. I can do that link in one letter, Cecil’s column, Is there ever really a blue moon? from 1/1/1977.

btw, in case you’re looking for the original Sky and Telescope article (the link Cecil has is out-of-date), you can find it at

I found this interesting:

So, apparently, “blue moon” is the equivalent of “Hi Opal” :smiley:

But this is driving me nuts:

“etc”? “etc”? There are only three of them, but instead of the third one we get an “etc”? Gah! What’s the third one?! Gah I say!

Lenten moon and paschal moon pretty clearly don’t refer to all seasons. Paschal (Easter) Moon would be the first one after the March equinox, the one which is used in the calculation of Easter, and Lenten Moon is presumably the one before Paschal. So there are ten or eleven moons left over in that etc., not just one.


Could I just suggest that there is another sort of blue moon-
during an extreme total lunar eclipse, the moon goes so deeply into the earth’s shadow that it turns dark grey rather than the usual red colour.
I saw one myself, about thirteen years ago-
I have seen many lunar eclipses, but this was the darkest.
I would rate this particular eclipse by memory as a 1 or 0 on the
Danjon Scale…it really looked distinctly blue, like a Bunsen flame.
Did anyone else see it, and can anyone give me a better idea of the date? (somewhere between 1987 and 1992).

From the list of the eighties and the list of the nineties, it looks like 8/17/89 is the best bet, of the four total lunar eclipses listed in that date range. Hey, May 16, 2003 is total.

That is exactly the time I remember it- a date for my (retrospective) diary.
Thank you very much.

That is exactly the time I remember it- a date for my (retrospective) diary.
Thank you very much.

Question (may be wrong forum): When did Cecil publish this article? It says Jan. 1, 1977 but in the article is says:

"The most recent blue moons occurred in January 1999 and again just two months later in March–a highly unusual circumstance that garnered a lot of attention from the press."

That would mean it was written or most likely revisited after March of 1999. Are Cecil’s collums usually updated with time sensative information such as the above but without changing the factual portion of the original question and not labeled “revisited”?

I wouldn’t say “usually”, but it’s certainly happened before. Darned if I can remember any specific ones, though.

The Farmer’s Almanac list presented by Zoe does not include Paschal moon or Lenten moon, and is therefore not the list referred to by Cecil. The Old Farmers Almanac calendar of moons, which I found on this site, is as follows:

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