Blue tooth

I just bought a new apple g5, bluetooth enabled. I want to add a printer using bluetooth. I have found some devices to adapt a printer through the parallel or USB port, but both only mention PC’s. Is bluetooth the same for all computers, or do I need to search out a specific apple adaptor?

bluetooth is a wireless technology, so it wouldnt involve a parallel or usb port, or any type of cable. I don’t know to much about macs, but you might need one of those airports

Will you be purchasing a new printer that uses Bluetooth wireless technology or do you want to print to an existing printer?

Bluetooth (as a communication protocol) is the same for all computers, but the devices and drivers are not. For example, I use a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard /mouse combo with my PowerBook G4, but because there isn’t a specific Mac driver written for these devices, I don’t get all the built-in functionality (things like mapping the mouse buttons, or media buttons on the keyboard). So while it may be possible to communicate with the printer using Bluetooth, actually printing (and changing settings, and such), may be difficult without a Mac driver.