"Blue Turk"

I’ve been purusing the ‘facts’ about some Alice Cooper songs on songmeanings.com and someone tried to explain the title “Blue Turk.” Now the gist of the song is about the heat of a repeated sexual encounter between two volatile personalities and how one goes from desire beforehand to disdain afterwards. I think. :slight_smile:

Anyway, from that summation, this person ascertained that the title was referencing blue in an obscene sense (like porn magazines) and then followed that turk referred specifically to anal sex. Is any of this correct? Or is it even close? Obviously, I know that blue can be used in that definition, but I’d never heard turk as anything other than someone as a radical or of Turkish descent.

Can anyone help me?

If anyone needs the full lyrics, there here.


Is there any connection whatsoever to Brubeck’s Blue Rondo a la Turk?

Music questions seem to do better in Cafe Society, so let’s go there.

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Ah sam, I’m sorry. I figured this had a factual answer, which is why I put it here. And thanks panache, I’ll go check that out.

Bumping for the day shift. Anyone?

I always saw the song as one of his earlier-era necrophilia-themed songs, not quite as blatant as the later “Cold Ethyl” or “I Love the Dead”.

I’ve always wondered about the title also. “Blue” for a dead body, but “Turk”? Dunno.

Sorry to say that I haven’t a clue. Hie thee over to Sickthings! If they don’t know, probably no one does. (including Alice! )

Just my WAG, but I suspect that the music was written before the lyrics, and the “cool jazz” feel suggested the Brubeck reference. I doubt that there’s any connection between the title and the subject matter of the lyrics.

(Incidentally, the Brubeck title was itself a reference to an older piece of music: the Rondo alla Turca from Mozart’s Piano Sonata #11.)

Ah, thanks all. It really didn’t make much sense to me and the place I saw that suggested at (a song ‘facts’ type website) just a one-off. So the person who said it could easily have been making it up out of whole cloth.

And zoo, I do need to check out the boards again at STUK for a couple of different questions, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I appreciate the reminder. You’d think I’d do that anyway, since I’m kicking around the archives all the time as it is. :slight_smile: