Blueberry madness

The blueberry bushes in my back yard have finally ripened, and I just picked a quart from just a few branches of one bush. I plan on making blueberry scones tonight (from a recipe in a recent Cook’s Illustrated or Cook’s Country) and I will be making my world-famous French Blueberry pie this week (with the hidden cream cheese layer). Right now I’ve dumped a mess of them in a cup of Greek yogurt with a dollop of vanilla.

What are your blueberry cravings?

Someday I want to figure out just what varieties of berries I have…there are three different types out back…two are small and dark and tart, and one is big and lighter blue and sweet. I used to like to pick the big ones when I was little because they filled the bowl quiker, but now I prefer the taste of the smaller berries. But of course, they taste best all mixed together.

The blueberry crop up here hasn’t been good this year, but I still managed to get my hands on some. I’ve been making rustic tarts with them, very easy and very yum-yum.

I don’t know what the different types are called, but the ones we get up here growing wild are small & tart. Those big blue ones, like what you can get in the grocery stores, are tasteless IMO. I always pick or buy the wild ones and freeze them for use through the winter.

A few weeks ago at work, we put up a demo of softened mascarpone mixed with fresh blueberries (from the produce department, unfortunately), formed into a ball, and sprinkled with walnuts. That sold a lot of cheese! I might do a similar thing myself with some creme fraiche instead. It’s really almost the same thing anyway.

Sounds great, but what did you do with it? Spread it on crackers, or on pound cake, or bread? Or is it more of a dip?

:frowning: I’m so jealous. Two years ago I picked gallons of wild blueberries. I worked all afternoon and evening cleaning them then making pots of jam. Next morning I woke up craving toast and jam. 5 minutes after eating it, I was itching head to foot and having trouble breathing. I’ve tried twice more, with even worse reactions. My doctor said I probably sensitized myself, handling them for so long.

Think of me when you enjoy your lovely berries.

I’m sorry. Did he mean handling them a long time as in hours on end? Because I’ve been eating berries off these bushes for 50 years, and I’d hate to think that would ever lead to an allergic attack. I’ve heard of people being allergic to strawberries (my ex was, unless they were frozen) but never blueberries.

Oh no! I have never heard of this happening! I would be so upset to have an allergic reaction to blueberries. They are one of my favorite fruits. I have them each morning with my cereal and than normally as an afternoon snack mixed with strawberries. More accurately would be that I just love berries - blueberries, strawberries, raspberries - you name it, I love it!

I think your best bet would be to send me some… :slight_smile:

Yes, it was handling them for an extended period of time. My hands were in them for hours while I was cleaning them. Had I known, I’d have worn gloves.
Oh well, I still have my blackberries. I’ll go pick some tomorrow.

Is it permanent? Man, that’s really terrible. Bloobs are my mostest favorite fruit, more than strawberries, even.

It took a lot of work to get the blueberry bushes in my back yard going. And just when they made it, I had to sell the place. :frowning:

But right now I’m eating some blueberry yogurt, so it’s not all bad. (Five courses of antibiotics in 3.5 months tends to make a hash of the digestive tract!)

Good stuff, blueberries.

Email me, and you can come pick your own! While they last!

It was too hot to bake yesterday…the scones will have to wait.

I usually pick bilberries here (which are like the small, tart blueberries you describe). My favourite way to serve them is to blind-bake a sweet shortcrust flan case, then take a pint of berries, the juice of one lemon, a couple of tablespoons of sugar (to taste) and about half a cup of water, put it in a pan and heat very gently until it just comes to a simmer. Then add a little water in which is mixed two heaped teaspoons of cornflour, stirring vigorously - the colour will change to deep pink, then as you continue to simmer gently, back to rich dark purple and it will thicken.
Pour into the flan case and leave to set in the fridge - it turns into a sort of velvety jelly, serve with good vanilla ice cream and/or clotted cream, or anything else like that - mascarpone is also good.

Take some of your berries, put them in a small sauce pan with a bit of butter and water, bring slowly to a simmer. Pour resultant sauce over brie cheese and serve with good french bread.

Or over vanilla ice cream.

Any tips for a newbie? Dh planted 6 bushes (looked like sticks to me) out front (the backyard is heavily shaded), in the (generally empty) drainage gully, about 3’ from the (lightly traveled and not salted in the winter, as far as I can tell) road.

They’re looking poorly. Yellowing leaves, not many new leaves, and something’s eating the berries before we can harvest 'em.

Any ideas?

I made blueberry pancakes on Monday morning. Mmm yum.

Another favourite of ours is blueberry/peach cobbler.

Blueberry Grunt

I have no idea how to make it, but it’s yummy!

Blueberry Grunt

I have no idea how to make it, but it’s yummy!

My gf’s blueberries are peaking now. She has picked and frozen a ton. My favorite though is fresh blueberry pancakes made with fresh eggs from the three hens she has, and served with warm syrup and hot, black coffee.

Freeze them and substitute them for 50% of the ice in your favorite daiquiri or margarita recipe.