Blueberry wine

When people make blueberry wine, do they fermintate the berrrys with the skins on or off?

You have to carefully peel each blueberry or it will be ruined. :stuck_out_tongue:

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With all truthiness, that was the questionamable… :wink:

Was this in a movie or what?


Easiest way is with blueberry juice. Think about wine, the normal way to make wine is with the juice from crushed grapes and not the entire grape. You could make wine using whole blueberries, but would have all sorts of wild yeast from the skins and have a helluva strain job to make it drinkable.

MrBad says to freeze them so the cells burst, then mush them a little and then toss em’ in. Then when it is ready, find a pretty bottle, make a label and send it our way! Sounds yummy! (I said the last part) :smiley:

I guess what I’m trying to ask is how healthy is blueberry wine as compared to red wine?


In general, the skins of various fruits will add tannins to the final product, often producing bitter off flavors.

If I were making a blueberry honey-wheat beer, with malted barley, honey, and wheat to add to the fermentables, as well as cover any off flavors, I might leave the skins on, depending of how much blueberry I was adding… maybe one pound to a 5 gallon batch, TOPS.

When making wine, assuming a 6 ballon batch, you’re probably using 12-15 pounds of blueberries, minimum.

I would crush and strain them.