Blues Brothers Question

I recently rewatched the Blues Brothers and noticed (or didn’t notice) something for the first time. Specifically a scene where Jim Candy and the two patrolmen are standing outside of Wrigley Field and Candy laughs, realizing that Elwood fooled him with his address.

This time, I didn’t see that scene. There was another scene (I think in the concert hall at the end) where Candy says, “that Wrigley Field bit was good” (or something to that effect), so it would appear likely that the Wrigley scene should have been in there. The tape I watched was pretty old, so I don’t think it was some recut-for-TV version.

Can anyone help me out with this? I know I panicked several years ago when I rewatched ALIENS and didn’t see the scene where Hicks and Ripley were setting up the automated gun drones, eventually realizing that that scene was included in the recut-for-TV version, but not in the theatrical release, so I’m thinking maybe I’m crazy.

The only possibly useful data point I have is that my version of BB has that scene. It’s the widescreen digitally remastered version, …looks like the copyright date is 1998.
What version do you have? Did you buy it at Wal*Mart or Blockbuster or any place that is known to edit their movies?

My copy has that scene. I bought mine on DVD from Amazon, I think.

Did you see it on TV? It’s quite common for minor scenes to be cut out of movies to make more room for commercials.

Hmmm, my local video store apparently has a whacky copy. I’m glad I just rented a shitty version and I’m not going crazy. Thanks for the help.

Perhaps, but the last time I watched it on tv (want to say the channel was TBS or something), the Wrigley Field punchline was in it.

Um, John Candy

Never seen it without.

The Nazis also fall for it.