Bluish Television Picture.

My television picture has a bluish hue to it. We have satellite tv. The main box is in my father’s room. I have a second line to my room. My father’s picture is fine. But mine has a slight bluish hue to all of it. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this or how to correct it?

Thank you in advance to all who reply :slight_smile:

Your remote, or the TV, should have a menu on it that allows you to adjust the color. If it’s a really old TV (circa 15th or 16th century} it will have some color adjust knobs on the back somewhere.

A bluish tint is tough, if not impossible, to adjust away with normal user controls. “Tint” controls the green/purple color shift, and “Color” adjusts the amount of color, from black and white to overly-strong.

You’d need to find your way into the service menu to adjust the color balance, and without a grayscale test signal, it’s challenging, even if you can get at the service controls.

One possibility, some newer or fancier sets have a “color temperature” setting - if yours has such a setting, try messing with that. A setting of something like 9300k would make for a bluish picture, 5000 is probably closer to neutral and 3200 will be almost on the tan side.

If it’s a CRT, try moving the TV as there may be something generating an electromagnetic field. What’s on the other side of the wall? The fridge?