Blurring in old commercials

OK, took some DVDs to a sick friend, one of which was the first “Transformers” movie. We decided to check out the extras and watch one of the old commercials. Thankfully, I remember how it looked it back then because all of the kids faces in it were blurred out. What’s the reason for this?

They didn’t want to pay the actors to use their likenesses in the DVD extras, which would have meant tracking them down and making a deal with them and who knows what other expense. It just isn’t worth it for a little lagniappe for the hardcore fans.

I had no idea that is how that was spelled. Wow. I didn’t recognize it, looked it up, and was shocked – I don’t think I ever would have made the connection. I wonder if I’ve ever written lanyap to someone?

We have a current thread on this very topic; words whose pronounciation and spelling are so far out of sync that many folks who know both words in their context probably don’t realize they’re the same word.