BoA person to person transfer require Safepass for Bigger Transfers?

I never used boa person to person transfer before. I see that you can send someone money using it by typing their last and other information. I then saw that you need to signup for safepass if you want to send more than $1000?
I would like to have my boa account enabled where i can transfer as much as i want. But then i read for safepass, you need to pay a $19.99 fee for this? But the mobile version is free? Can someone explain this? So if i dont sign up for this, most i can send is $1000 per day?
I read its free if you use the mobile one? Im very confused at what they mean by this. How fast can i receive the code or whatever to have it enabled?

Why not contact your bank and ask them, rather than seek an opinion from a stranger? Bear in mind what you want to do may not be in keeping with your bank’s policies and/or the regulations they may be required to follow.

The reason the mobile version is free is that you just have to download an app. It’s just another way for them to verify that you’re actually you and not some fraudster via two-factor authentication, a tactic that’s increasingly common in the cybersecurity world. It combines something you know (your Online Banking password) with something you have (either your phone or a SafePass code -generating card).

If you don’t use the mobile version, they send you a magical little card that shows you a new one-time-only code every time you use it. That’s a physical device that they have to manufacture and then ship to you, hence the $20, versus the smartphone app that you can just download for free.

Okay so i just requested it to be sent to my mobile. Had the code sent to my phone and then i typed it in and verified it on the computer.
My question now is this.
If i do a transfer in the future, would i still need to verify with this phone? Or am i basically good to go?

You need to verify it every time you do it a transfer over $1000, I think, or maybe every time you transfer? Not sure. It’s definitely not a type-it-in-once-and-you’re-good-forever deal, because that would defeat the whole point of two-factor authentication. The idea is that people won’t be able to transfer large amounts of money away from your account unless they both know your password AND have your phone at that very moment.

I do not recall my password to my original account so i created a new one. Can mod erase that account or it would be problem?
Okay i have a problem with my bank of america. I had did the safepass code to my mobile phone in the us so i could have transfer limits for daily and weekly increased. I also canceled my cell service when i left the us as i had no purpose for it as it wouldn’t work in canada, i used virgin mobile.
Well i try to log into online banking now and i had to speak with bank of america on the phone b/c i was logging in from an unrecognized computer and the only way to log into my account was by disabling safepass since im in canada as the person at bankofa told me so i say okay. Im told by the person at bank of america that my sending limit is now the original amount without safepass.
I asked so how do i have those limits increased then? They tell me the only way to have it increased is by going back to the us… request a safepass for $20…and then wait 2 weeks to receive it in the mail. I ask can’t you send it to my canadian address and they said no. I said so you can’t send it to my home and then i have it mailed to me here? I was told no.
Does anyone know how to get their boa transfer sending limits increased while in canada? I had thought i had my limit increased before i came here when i did the safepass key on my phone and now they say i dont have it anymore.
I don’t have a cell phone here in canada. However, i do have an itouch. Can i get the safepass key with my itouch? I read that with itouch you can get a phone number and thus receive text message?

Does anyone who travel outside the usa can tell me if this is true or not? I spoke to someone who moved to canada as well and he told me he could stilll use safepass on his phone… his phone is american phone and thus he uses the phone in canada and roaming.

Anyone know what i can do to have my boa limits online increased?

Your best bet is to PM one of the admins (like TubaDiva or Marley32). Assuming you can prove both accounts are you, they can probably help sort it out for you.

okay i will but i dont mind if they dont.
Does anyone know what i can do with this? Im very frustrated im in canada and cannot do higher transfers b/c of this. I have never heard of something like this.

Just change your BOA address (online) to somewhere in the USA, like a friend or family member. Send the SafePass there. Have it mailed to you without telling BoA. Then if you need to, change your address back to your real one. Hopefully the SafePass will still work.

Or you can try it on your iPod. Dunno if it’ll work. Maybe you can sign up for a Google Voice account with a US number that forwards to your Canadian landline? Dunno.

The alternative is to just stop using BoA altogether and find a Canadian bank with higher sending limits.

And for what it’s worth, you might have better luck on some sort of banking/personal finance forum, or maybe some forum with a lot of drug dealers, small business owners, and other folks who need to transfer big amounts of money around.

Hi. The thing is i need these boa transfer limits b/c i transfer ppl money for other funds while in canada. A canadian bank wouldn’t work for this b/c all my funds are in boa and i would then need to wire the money to the canadian bank account. And my boa to their boa is instant which is why i like it.
The thing is i don’t need very high limits. To me, a 1k limit per 24 hours and 2500 per week is sort of low. I know with the safepass, limit is 10k per day which is more than enough. If it was just 2k a day that would be enough for me, So if it was say 2k a day for 5k a week, i would be perfectly fine.
What other banking forums do you know about?

I don’t know any, but you’re not getting many responses here. Good luck.

Actually, I do know of one. Try the FatWallet Finance Forums

I have no idea what an itouch is. I do know that though Google Voice allows me to send/receive text messages to private parties, it will not do so for businesses (e.g. BoA). I tried about a year or so ago and then again recently. Even texting ‘help’ to BoA didn’t receive a response.

So your first step would be trying to activate your itouch on BoA security screen after login. IIRC, you need to first add it as a mobile SafePass device and then activate it (where they send a code and you follow up by putting that into the website).

If that doesn’t work, try calling them and being very, very polite and friendly.

No, really. We were in somewhat of the same boat. I often need to make payments way over the SafePass limit. But because for all intents and purposes I don’t have a text-capable cell phone[sup]*[/sup]. I explained this to the rep, told her what I’d done to try and work around it (e.g. Google voice), how risky it was to borrow and temporarily activate a phone, etc. One or two reps still said I’d have to pay because they at least offer the free option (text to cell), but when I tried recently they said to order it, then call in when it arrives and they would refund the cost.

Good luck.

[sup]*For the curious: we work from home so barely use cell phones. Our T-Mobile account is great in that we pay just on the days we actually do use voice/data/text, but I don’t want to incur a $3 phone bill just to send money.[/sup]